Factory or Prison - Bangladeshi workers in Romania

Prol-Position on some struggles of Bangladeshi and Indian migrant workers in Romania in 2007-8.

1949-2007: Women workers in China

Wildcat analyse the situation, role and struggles of women in China from the Cultural Revolution until today.

China's migrant workers

Wildcat's history and analysis of internal migration in China from the 1950s until today.

1911-2007: Chinese immigration in France

Échanges et Mouvement describe and analyse immigration from China, and Chinese migrant workers in France from before World War I until today.

Paris riots: Information on immigrants and the suburbs, 2005

Ni patrie ni frontières give background information on migration and race in French society and in relation to the suburbs. Written in the aftermath of the Paris suburb riots of 2005.

Struggles of Asian workers in the Middle East and oil-producing countries, 2006

Prol-Position on the Middle East, migration and workers' struggles, mostly in the construction industry.

Interview with Polish Tesco worker, 2005

Tesco depot

An interview with a Polish agency worker who attempted to organise a reduction of workloads in a Tesco distribution centre in Ireland.

Eastern European migrants in France: the Polish example

The mythical Polish plumber

Oiseau-tempête examine Eastern European migration to France, with particular attention to workers from Poland, analyse its effects on French society and debunk commonly held myths.

Gender, migration and domestic labor

Happy cleaner: a recruitment photo

Prol-Position on the proletarianisation of domestic labour and housework, and the role of migrant workers and gender.

Reports on crisis 2: Romania - Wildcat

Wildcat asked people in several countries to write down observations about social effects of the crisis.
The following is a report from Romania, written in February 2009.