Immigration: The Inconvenient Truth (Channel 4) and the White season, BBC 2 (2008)

A rash of TV documentaries explain away tense British resident-immigrant relations with typical middle-class prejudice in reproducing forty years of media and state-managed mystifications of the ravages of capitalism, according to Tom Jennings.

Where is the struggle going?

May 2nd more than 600 followers of coordination 75 of the sans-papiers (75 is the number of the department of Paris) entered as a big group the Center of the Unions in order to occupy it. In this article, some of the delegates of this occupation give their views on struggle with and against the unions.

For the unity of all the sans-papiers collectives!

For 58 days, from the 2nd may, on the initiative of the coordination 75 around 800 children, men, and women have occupied the Center of the Unions at rue Charlot (metro République) in Paris.

Workers riot in China

Migrant workers rioted for three days in a town in eastern China in a fresh sign of rumbling social unrest running up to the Beijing Olympics.

We are not all like that: the monster bares its fangs

Black consciousness militant and activist in the Landless Peoples' Movement Andile Mngxitama responds to the May 2008 pogroms in South Africa.

On the pogroms in South Africa

An essay on the May 2008 pogroms in South Africa by Richard Pithouse.

The Pogroms in South Africa: The Politics of Fear and the Fear of Politics

A response to the recent pogroms in South Africa from the anti-authoritarian militant intellectual Michael Neocosmos.

Abahlali baseMjondolo statement on the xenophobic attacks in Johannesburg, 2008

In recent days the shack settlements around Johannesburg have been torn apart by appalling violence against foreign born squatters. More than 20 people have been killed and many more raped, wounded and left homeless. This press statement from Abahlali baseMjondolo, the militant shack dwellers movement with more 30 affiliated settlements in the cities of Durban, Pietermaritzburg and Pinetown, responds to the horrific outbreak of anti-foreigner violence and notes the culpability of the state.

African health worker gap catastrophic

Rob Ray looks at claims that a brain drain to West is crippling healthcare across the African continent, for Freedom Press

France: round-up of strikes and more government attacks on conditions

The government continues attacking workers and immigrants and workers continue defending themselves.