The working class and the "immigration debate"

The Kaiser Chiefs: you can deport them

A critical response to an article about immigration in the Financial Times quoted favourably on a "pro-working class" website containing anti-immigrant misinformation and scaremongering.

Riot at asylum seekers detention centre, Christmas Island

Buildings and tents at the Christmas Island detention centre have been destroyed in fires deliberately lit by asylum seekers overnight.

Italy: Revolts and riots in migrant detention centres

1 March: after a revolt that has gone on for days, the detention centre in Gradisca is in a state of collapse: one single cell left for the 100 detainees, people eating and sleeping in the corridors and in the canteen, one bathroom for everyone. You can see some pictures here.

Open Borders: The case against immigration controls - review

A good short account of the anarchist case against immigration controls by Conor McLoughlin, based around a review of Teresa Hayter's book Open Borders.

Australia: Construction workers strike over exploitation of foreign colleagues

Workers walk off a constructions site in the Perth CDB

Workers at a construction site in the centre of Perth, Western Australia, walked off in protest on Monday over the working conditions of workers on 457 migration visas.

Spanish anarchists in the Welsh valleys

Abercrave Miners' banner

A short account of the Spanish miners in South Wales and their relationship - sometimes positive, sometimes strained - with the local mining population.

Processed World #29

Issue 29: Summer 1992

Greece: Pakistani workers go on strike after police raid

Today, hundreds of Pakistani migrants living and working in Skala, Laconia took the decision to go on strike after a police attack that was unleashed against them earlier.

Malaysia: migrant workers protest ends in victory

The migrant workers' protest (previously reported on libcom.org) which took place at an electronics factory has ended in a resounding victory for the workers.

Traveller and Roma evictions in France

France is in the process of kicking out Roma groups at the moment and evicting travellers from the land they live on.