Greek state racism escalates with pogrom in Patras, bullets in Athens, torture in Simi

The racist policies of the Greek government were stepped up last weekend with the violent evacuation and torching of the large Afghan immigrant settlement in Patras, shooting of immigrants in Omoinoia square and institutionalised torture of Pakistanis in the island of Simi.

Italy implements draconian migration laws

Yesterday the Italian Parliament finally approved the new laws on security, introducing explicitly racist rules.

Hunger strike and rioting in immigration prisons

June has seen hunger strikes and rioting by immigration prisoners at Brook House, the new immigration prison at Gatwick airport, and Yarl’s Wood, the prison which has been at the centre of numerous claims of abuse and struggles by detainees since it opened in 2000.

Pisa: go-ahead for deportations in the Italian city

The mayor of Pisa proposes a programme of repatriation for Romanian immigrants. Within this programme the immigrants are expected to sign a contract stating that they will not come back to Pisa for the next 12 months.

Immigrants march again in Athens despite fascist counterdemo

On Friday 29 May immigrants and solidarity protesters marched to the greek parliament despite fascist counterdemo and media scaremongering.

Greek government announces pogrom and 'ghetto' for immigrants

The Ministry of Public Order announced the launching of a post-euroelection massive pogrom of immigrants from the center of Athens, and their displacement in a huge concentration camp off the city.

Battles in Athens during march against police racism, many protesters injured

Extended clashes broke our in Athens on Friday 22/5, during the second protest march in two days against police racism, after a cop tore the Koran and brutalised Muslims during anti-immigrant sweeping operations. During the clashes many protesters were injured arrested and hospitalised.

Illegal deportation of Libyan immigrants from Italy

Roberto Maroni, home secretary of the Italian Government, exulted for the illegal repatriation of 227 immigrants who, travelling on three shabby boats, were trying to reach the Italian bank through the Canal of Sicily.

Balance Sheet and Perspectives

The Bourse du travail at rue Charlot in Paris has been occupied since 2 May 2008.

Recent racist assaults in Rethymno and Laconia, Greece

A snapshot of how everyday diffuse racism operates in tourist- or agriculture-economy provinces in Greece forcing immigrants to keep heads down.