Hunger strikes, pickets and urban guerillas in Greece before critical weekend

In the run-up to the huge protest marches of the coming weekend in Salonica, Greece sees immigrants' hunger strikes, Wind workers take up pickets for national strike, as well as the Athens Stock Market and one Ministry hit by guerrillas.

Demonstration against asylum bill - European Counter Network

Report on a demonstration against a proposed bill requiring fingerprinting of all asylum seekers, and removing their right to housing and appeal.

"Now you will die!": Coast Guard attempt to drown asylum-seekers in Lesbos

Coast guard of Lesbos tied 12 Somali immigrants in an inflatable boat and then pierced its sides with knives in order to drown the helpless asylum seekers who were saved by passing cruise boat

Anti-immigrant terror in Greece continues...


The Greek government continues its crusade against migrants with continuing evictions, sweep operations and police collaboration with neo-Nazis.

One more Greek police inflicted death: Igoumenitsa Port Police victim dies

The Kurdish refugee from Iraq, Arivan Abdullah Osman, who had been severely injured on the 3rd of April at Igoumenitsa port by Port police men died today.

Chinese workers unpaid and stranded in Warsaw face deportation

About 50 Chinese workers are camped out in front of the Chinese Embassy in Warsaw. They did not receive any pay for three months, eventually went on strike and were fired.

Greek state racism escalates with pogrom in Patras, bullets in Athens, torture in Simi

The racist policies of the Greek government were stepped up last weekend with the violent evacuation and torching of the large Afghan immigrant settlement in Patras, shooting of immigrants in Omoinoia square and institutionalised torture of Pakistanis in the island of Simi.

Italy implements draconian migration laws

Yesterday the Italian Parliament finally approved the new laws on security, introducing explicitly racist rules.

Hunger strike and rioting in immigration prisons

June has seen hunger strikes and rioting by immigration prisoners at Brook House, the new immigration prison at Gatwick airport, and Yarl’s Wood, the prison which has been at the centre of numerous claims of abuse and struggles by detainees since it opened in 2000.

Pisa: go-ahead for deportations in the Italian city

The mayor of Pisa proposes a programme of repatriation for Romanian immigrants. Within this programme the immigrants are expected to sign a contract stating that they will not come back to Pisa for the next 12 months.