Mikhail Bakunin

The political philosophy of Bakunin: scientific anarchism - G.P. Maximoff

Illustration of Bakunin by Clifford Harper

Part of the series of biographies of Mikhail Bakunin.
From the scattered writings of Bakunin, G.P. Maximoff has selected those pertinent theoretical sections that give the reader a complete statement of Bakunin's politics in Bakunin's own words. In addition to Bakunin's text, the book contains a definitive biographical sketch of Bakunin written by Max Nettlau, an introduction by Rudolph Rocker, and a preface by Bert F. Hoselitz.

A Marxist Critique of Anarchism

Karl Marx and Mikhail Bakunin

Transcript of the opening remarks from a Marx Centenary special talk by Steve Coleman for the Socialist Party of Great Britain on 28 August 1982. Full audio recording also available online.

Karl Marx and the anarchists - Paul Thomas

Karl Marx and the Anarchists examines Marx's confrontations with anarchist theoreticians he encountered at various stages of his career as a revolutionist. Paul Thomas argued that Marx's attacks on Stirner, Proudhon, and Bakunin strongly influenced his own interpretation of revolutionary politics, and are of vital importance to an understanding of the subsequent enmity between Marxists and Anarchists.

The abolition of the state - Karl Kautsky

This is the second article in a 3-part series by Karl Kautsky from 1881. This part is about the anarchist position towards the state.

Bakunin's writings - Guy Aldred

Part of the series of biographies of Mikhail Bakunin.
Guy Aldred's collection of Bakunin's writings.

The doctrine of anarchism of Michael A. Bakunin - Eugene Pyziur

Eugene Pyziur's account of Bakunin's social and political thought.

Bakunin - Guy Aldred

A pamphlet by Scottish anarchist communist Guy Aldred on Mikhail Bakunin, the founding figure of modern anarchism, published in 1940.

Marx and Bakunin – Anton Pannekoek

Anton Pannekoek's letter to Australian anarchist Kenneth Joseph Kenafick (26 May, 1949) on the differences between Marx and Bakunin, Marxism and anarchism. Attached is Pannekoek's handwritten copy, which he notes is "deel v brief aan Kenafick" (part of letter to Kenafick), obtained from the International Institute of Social History in Amsterdam. (IISG, Pannekoek Archives, F. 108 PP.8)

The reaction in Germany - Mikhail Bakunin

'Die Reaktion in Deutschland. Ein Fragment von einem Franzosen’ first appeared in Arnold Ruge (ed.), Deutsche Jahrbücher fur Wissenschaft and Kunst, nos. 247-51 (Leipzig, October 17th-21st, 1842) under the pseudonym "Jules Elysard". Die Reaktion was written in response to Ruge's call set forth in the Preface to the first edition of Deutsche Jahrbücher for all Hegelians to enter into political struggle.

On the fate of the state: Bakunin versus Marx - Paul McLaughlin

An article in which Paul McLaughlin compares the role of the State in Marx and Bakunin's thought. He concludes that Marxism is statist in ends, not solely in means.