Mikhail Bakunin

Marginal notes on the program and rules of Bakunin's International Alliance of Socialist Democracy - Karl Marx

Brief notes Karl Marx hand wrote in the margins of a leaflet containing the programme of Bakunin's Alliance, on 15 December 1868.

On the program of the Alliance - Mikhail Bakunin

Russian anarchist and founder member of the International Alliance of Socialist Democracy expounds further on its program.

The rules and program of the International Alliance of Socialist Democracy - Mikhail Bakunin

Alliance member form

The basic principles of the International Alliance of Socialist Democracy, Russian anarchist Mikhail Bakunin's short-lived faction within the First International, written in October 1868.

Mikhail Bakunin: the philosophical basis of his anarchism - Paul McLaughlin

Mikhail Bakunin

Part of the series of biographies of Mikhail Bakunin.
The first English-language philosophical study of Mikhail Bakunin, this book examines the philosophical foundations of Bakunin's social thought.

Michael Bakunin: selected writings

Michael Bakunin: Selected Writings

Qualitatively the best collection of Bakunin's writings that currently exists, this selection presents the reader with some of Bakunin's most important writings, and illustrates his development from being a close follower of Hegel to becoming the great adversary of Marx and Marxist socialism.

Bakunin's bootmaker

Bakunin's bootmaker

An excerpt from Mikhail Bakunin's God and the State, on the question of authority and specialist knowledge.

Bakunin on anarchy: Selected works by the activist-founder of world anarchism

A selection of Mikhail Bakunin's writings compiled by Sam Dolgoff and published by Vintage Books in 1971.

Demanding the impossible?: Human nature and politics in nineteenth-century social anarchism

David Morland's text examining the relationship between anarchism's notion of human nature and its vision of a future stateless society by way of three 19th-century social anarchists: Proudhon, Bakunin and Kropotkin.

God and the state - Mikhail Bakunin - audiobook

Mikhail Bakunin by Rae Maxwell

Bakunin’s most famous work, published in various lengths, this version is the most complete form of the work published hitherto, recorded as an audiobook by LibriVox.