Accidental death of an anarchist - Dario Fo

Dario Fo's best known play, based on the events surrounding Giuseppe Pinelli's death.

Giuseppe 'Pino' Pinelli (1928-1969): the 17th victim of the Piazza Fontana bombing

Giuseppe Pinelli

Short biography of Italian anarchist framed by the state and killed while in its custody.

More student protests sweep Italy

Demonstrators in Rome.

In the same week that saw students occupy the Colosseum and the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy today has seen more occupations, street battles and blockades of railway stations by students opposing new education reforms.

Women's Liberation and Worker's Autonomy in Turin and Milan

The travel diary of American feminist writer Ellen Cantarow from her 1972 trip to Italy. Addresses the emergence of a women's liberation movement in Italy, the relationship between the extra-parlimentary left, autonomia, and the women's movement, the relationship between white collar workers and blue collar workers in factory organizing, rank and file insurgency and union repression, the Lotta Continua "Take the City" campaign, and the general political climate. From the journal "Liberation".

Workers' protest at La Scala in Milan

The workers of La Scala, Italy's most famous opera house, demonstrated yesterday during the meeting of the theatre's Board of Directors to protest against the last decree on lyric theatre.

Anti-fascist demonstration in Milan

Yesterday, 5th April 2009, a conference held by Forza Nuova, the Italian movement of the far-Right, took place in Milan.

Demonstrations in Milan against anti-migrant laws

Last weekend in Milan 30,000 people demonstrated with CGIL union against xenophobic anti-migrant laws recently introduced in Italy. These laws have been proposed with the usual rationale of more security for citizens.

1900: The assassination of King Umberto I of Italy

King Umberto I

A short account of the assassination of King Umberto I of Italy in revenge for the brutal suppression of a workers' demonstration in Milan which left hundreds dead.

Nokia occupation, Milan, 2002

Documents on cleaners' strikes in Paris and Milan, 2002