military and law enforcement

Massive boost to police and state powers

Chris Marsden examines the recent growth in state and police powers in Britain, particularly since the introduction of the Serious and Organised Crime Act of 2005 on January 1st.

Racist abuse continues in British prisons

John Bowden reports on the endemic racism and violence which still permeates the UK prison system.

Mutinies 1917-1920 - Dave Lamb

Solidarity's excellent pamphlet on mutinies in the British armed forces towards the end of World War I.

A day mournful and overcast... An account of the Iron Column

A personal account of a liberated prisoner's experience as a fighter during the Spanish Civil War and Revolution of 1936-9 in the anarchist militia unit called the Iron Column prior to its incorporation into the Communist-run Republican army.

Harass the brass: some notes toward the subversion of the US armed forces

With updates in 2001, this article outlines the story of the widespread resistance and near-mutiny within the US Army, Navy and Air Force during the Vietnam War. This resistance was a major factor in the eventual withdrawal of US troops.

London: Policeman opens fire outside US embassy

An armed police officer fired his weapon whilst on duty outside the US embassy in London on Friday.

Quiet fronts in the Spanish civil war - Michael Seidman

Republican troops in the trenches

A study of combat avoidance, fraternisation and desertion on both sides of the conflict during the Spanish civil war. We think that some of the conclusions may be overstated but in general the article is very informative.

US snipers see trouble brewing

"The reason why they're fighting us is not Osama bin Laden. They're fighting us because we're here. . . . They don't want us here. They just want us to leave."

Morrison, Walter, 1924-2004

Walter Morrison

A short biography of community activist Walter Morrison, a Scottish former soldier who rejected war.

Kronstadt Izvestia

Kronstadt Izvestia

Archive of the publication of the Kronstadt rebels, who fought to protect the gains of the Russian Revolution from the new Bolshevik authoritarianism.