military and law enforcement

Towards a citizens' militia: anarchist alternatives to NATO and the Warsaw pact

Towards a Citizens' Militia: Anarchist Alternatives to NATO and the Warsaw Pact

A semi-legendary anarchist how-to guide to irregular warfare. Written in the early 1980s by the International Revolutionary Solidarity Movement (First of May Group), Towards A Citizens' Militia details the principles of libertarian armed resistance, organization, and the conduct of guerilla warfare (from train traps to attacking a power system) and the organization and operation of the civilian resistance movement.

The battle for the Green - John Taylor Caldwell

The late veteran Glasgow anarchist JT Caldwell tells the story of a struggle to defend the right of open air speaking on Glasgow Green during the early 1930s. As well as legal conflicts, the events included rowdy mass demonstrations of up to one hundred thousand people.

Source; Workers City; ed. Farquhar McLay, Clydeside Press, Glasgow 1988.

Notes of a militarised Spanish Renfe rail worker, 1976

Renfe train from the 1970s

The very interesting personal account of a rail worker in post-Franco Spain when the railways were militarised following a strike in 1976.

Work release scheme proposed for French prisons

The creaking prison system in France unveils a new post-release labour scheme.

Photos published of Greek police/fascist collaboration

Photographic evidence of collusion between members of the fascist paramilitary group Golden Dawn and Greek police has been published by a Greek blogger

Rioting explodes across Greece

A powder keg of public anger over government economic policy has been ignited by a spark of outrage over the killing of a 15-year-old boy by police in Athens.

Video of the shooting of a teenager by police in Athens, 2008

Victim of police shooting, Alex Grigoropoulos.

Film footage of the incident in which 15 year old Alexandros Grigoropoulos was shot dead by police in the Exarchia area of Athens.

Protest march against police violence in Volos, central Greece, attacks police HQ.

Protest march against police violence two serious harassment incidents in the city of Volos attacks police HQ

Hunger strike ends as Greek government caves

After 18 days 7,000 prisoners in greece stop their hunger strike after the ministry of justice concedes to a series of their demands, promising to release half the country's prison population by April 2009.

Great Game II: America Lashes Out on the Borders of China and Russia - by Loren Goldner

The 19th century 'Great Game' rivalry between Britain and Russia for supremacy in Central Asia is seeing a resurgence, with America taking Britain's place. The stakes are higher than ever, argues Loren Goldner.