Pit sense or no sense?

Subversion review Pit Sense Versus the State - a history of militant miners in the Doncaster area, by David John Douglass, published by Phoenix Press.

Speras, Constantinos, 1893-1943

Constantinos Speras

A short biography of Constantinos Speras (Κωνσταντίνος Σπέρας), a Greek anarcho-syndicalist, and one of the pioneers of the working class trade-union movement in Greece. He spent the biggest part of his life in prison and in exile, until his murder in 1943 by Communist-led Greek partisans during the Axis occupation of Greece during World War II.

Venezuela: the Curious Tale of Rubén González, the imprisoned then liberated union activist

Just days after being sentenced to seven and a half years' imprisonment for supporting a strike, Rubén González, General Secretary of the Ferrominería miners' union, has seenting his custodial sentence annulled and his freedom partially restored.

Spanish anarchists in the Welsh valleys

Abercrave Miners' banner

A short account of the Spanish miners in South Wales and their relationship - sometimes positive, sometimes strained - with the local mining population.

The British Worker - general strike newspaper, 1926

Online archive of The British Worker, the daily newspaper published by the Trades Union Congress (TUC) during the 10 day general strike of 1926.

Pike River Mine explosion: fate of 29 workers still unknown

Pike River Mine on the West Coast of New Zealand is said to be one of the most advanced mines in the country, yet workers still bear the brunt of the drive for profit. On Friday 19th November the mine suffered an explosion due to methane gas. 29 workers are still unaccounted for.

Iowa: Statewide Strike for the Eight-hour Day, 1891

Description of the 1891 miner's strikes for the eight-hour day in Iowa. From underground newspaper Free Flowing (February 1977), published out of Ames, Des Moines and Iowa City.

Miners to join South African public sector strike

Miners in South Africa plan to join the massive public sector strike that has already crippled the the government in recent weeks.

Miners in Indonesia strike

Miners at the Batu Hijau mine on the island of Sumbawa in Indonesia are on strike over unpaid overtime pay, with the union claiming that the strike is likely to last until the 10th of August.

South African miners launch indefinite strike

Miners at four sites owned by Shanduka Resources Ltd have downed tools to demand the equalisation of pay and working conditions.