A brief history of the state - humanaesfera

How did the state become distinct from the castes and presented itself as a neutral entity that hovers and contrasts with a so-called civil society? What is the relation between the emergence of capitalist power over the world and the emergence of absolutist monarchies and nation-states? This short article presents a synthetic look at the history of the emergence of the modern state.

The nation versus human dignity

A brief observation provoked by the latest royal birth and the frenzy surrounding it.

Catalan manifesto for the social history of town and country - Miguel Amorós and Joan Carles Gelabertó

A succinct “Manifesto” for the purpose of rectifying public opinion concerning the libertarian history of separatist and independence movements in Northeastern Spain since the decline and fall of the Western Roman Empire, illuminating the democratic and communal roots of uprisings by peasants and town workers, and casting a different light on nationalism and separatism in the context of the history of the Iberian Peninsula, intended as an antidote to the virulent reactionary separatism that exclusively serves the interests of flag waving local oligarchies eager to sell out their countrymen to international capital and lay waste to the land of their fathers.

£16,000 a year to polish Prince Andrew’s ‘objets d’art’.

Prince Andrew has just advertised for a new maid. Any takers?

Is the Monarchy a relevant enemy or a symbolic irrelevance?

I have often been criticised for spending too much time attacking the Monarchy. So I ask the question, Is the Monarchy a relevant enemy or a symbolic irrelevance? Feedback would be gratefully received.

Royal family and revolting cruelty

The Working Class Self Organisation blog looks at the Royal family's treatment of its own members with mental illnesses before the screening of a new Channel 4 documentary on the same subject.

Royal Wedding Arrests; 'The Guillotine Three'

Camilla Power tells the story of her arrest for attempted street theatre on the occasion of the royal wedding. An edited version of this article was previously published in the Times Higher Educational Supplement, under the title 'By royal decree: the zombie orgy is off'.

Queenio, Queenio, Who's Got The Ballio?

Local anarchist group Organise! on the Royal Visit to Ireland - May 2011.

1935-1980s: The reign of Haile Selassie in Ethiopia

A critical look at the rule of Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia, regarded by many as progressive, and by some as God incarnate!