Monsieur Dupont

HIC NIHIL, HIC SALTA! (a critique of Bartlebyism)

A critique of the nihilist turn in communist and anarchist thought, from Research & Destroy.

Revolutionary organisations and individual commitment - Monsieur Dupont

Some advice to revolutionaries from 'Monsieur Dupont'.

Against the 'Iraqi' Resistance

To those Western pro-revolutionaries who have lately fallen under into the politics of anti-imperialism the message is this: always reject imposed conditions and proposed solutions from within the established array; take courage from your principles under all circumstances; there must be no compromises and no negotiations with religions, political groups, state agencies or structural panaceas; the struggle is always for humanity as its own end and against the commodity.

Death to rank and filism!

The text below appeared in a short-lived project and one-off journal, entitled ‘Anti-Exchange and Mart’, produced in London in 1990. The article has been ‘lost’ until just recently. The article was written by a member of the Communication Worker’s Group (CWG), a rank and file postal workers organisation. It is a detailed examination of the challenges that faced, or perhaps, issues that beset, the group, written very shortly after the dissolution of the group. The text here is exactly as it appeared in 1990.

Nihilist communism - Monsieur Dupont

A critique of optimism - the religious dogma that states there will be an ultimate triumph of good over evil - in the far left

The last train has left the station...

Herein is suggested that: there is no hope of change; no hope of revolution; no hope whatsoever… We do not agree with this article but reproduce it for reference.

A seasonal message from the other Dupont - Le Garcon Dupont

This article is a short personal account by one of the members of Monsieur Dupont.

Some thoughts for Monsieur Dupont - Monsieur Dubois

Further contribution to the debate between Monsieur Dupont and Red and Black Notes by a Red and Black Notes reader. Previous articles in this exchange can be found here, here and here.

To get over the wall, we first have to get to the wall - Monsieur Dupont

Monsieur Dupont reply to the ongoing debate over "the real movement" from Red and Black Notes - previous articles here and here.

Reply to the Real Movement - Monsieur Dupont

The following article by Monsieur Dupont is a reply to The Real Movement in Red & Black Notes #14 -