Monthly Review

The unmaking of Marx’s 'Capital': Heinrich’s attempt to eliminate Marx’s crisis theory

By popular demand: Andrew Kliman, Alan Freeman, Nick Potts, Alexey Gusev, and Brendan Cooney respond to Michael Heinrich's article in Monthly Review..

The American revolution: Pages from a negro worker's notebook

In 1963, drawing on his own experience as a factory worker and radical militant, James Boggs wrote this pamphlet. It addresses (among many things) the failures of the CIO, increasing automation, rising unemployment and the emergence of new social actors ('the outsiders') that he saw as a threat to capitalism.

Conditions of the working classes in China

Article from Monthly Review on the effects of China's economic transformation on the working class since Mao's death.

Amilcar Cabral's theory of class suicide and revolutionary socialism - Tom Meisenhelder

Amilcar Cabral

Meisenhelder's 1993 article argues that revolutions in the periphery can only come to fruition via a 'petty-bourgeois' leadership which then dissolves itself, and that the working class and peasants are unable to carry out a revolution themselves. This not only ignores the attempts at self-management by workers in the periphery during the '50s to '70s, but also the large-scale proletarianisation that has continued since Cabral's theories were originally published. However we reproduce the article for reference.

Walter Reuther, "social unionist" - Martin Glaberman

Martin Glaberman's review of 'The Most Dangerous Man in Detroit: Walter Reuther and the Fate of American Labor'.