The Dvinsk Regiment and the mysterious death of Grachov

Mass grave of  revolutionaries killed in the fighting in Moscow in October 1917

A short account of the revolutionaries of the Dvinsk Regiment and the suspicious death of their commander Grachov

KAPD Report from Moscow

Report from the Congress of the Third International in Moscow by Otto Rühle of the Communist Workers Party of Germany (KAPD).

Another murder committed by neo-Nazis in Moscow/Erneuter Mord durch Neonazis in Moskau

Details of a murder by neo-Nazis in Russia.

Antifa in the Wild East - internet warrior sets the the record straight

Moscow Antifa march to commemorate murder of anti-fascist A.Krylov, March 2008.

Anti-fascism in Russia is not a political but a social movement. It is not some irrelevant lefties who imagined that “fascism is an immanent threat” and started to “fight” it. And that is how it should be - fascism is not a threat in Russia – they do not have a slightest chance to take over. At least 95% of the population hates them. State and capital are the real problem.