Mouvement Communiste

Against crusade and jihad! For class struggle! - Mouvement Communiste

A leaflet which Mouvement Communiste produced immediately after the “9/11” attacks in 2001. Posted just in time for the tenth anniversary!

Hungary ’56: “the proletariat storming heaven” - Mouvement Communiste

Mouvement Communiste’s analysis of the Hungary ’56 workers’ uprising. Stresses the importance of the collective actions taken by workers at the point of production and critically examines the demands and programmes that they put forward.

Some notes on, but not limited to, the transit strike of June 16, 2011 in Czech - Kolektivne proti kapitalu, Mouvement Communiste

the transport strike in Czech

A short text analyzing the transport strike which took place on 16th June 2011 in a protest against health and pension reform in Czech and its context.

Minoritarian attempts at insurrection in Greece

Mouvement Communiste on the insurrectionary scenes which followed the killing of 15 year old Alexis Grigoropoulos in December 2008.

Greece: The fiscal crisis of the state puts the need for an independent workers' politics on the agenda - Mouvement Communiste

This pamphlet collects articles written throughout 2010 on the economic crisis in Greece, the state's austerity agenda, and the response to it by the working class.

Mayo-Junio de 1968: Una ocasión carente de autonomía obrera.

Students join with workers outside Renault auto factory at Billancourt, 17 May 1

Detallada historia y análisis de Mouvement Communiste del movimiento francés de Mayo-Junio de 1968

First strong points on the last revolts in Arab countries

Mouvement Communiste and Kolektivne Proti Kapitalu on the North African and Middle Eastern revolts of 2011.

Movement against pensions reform: to draw a lucid balance - Mouvement Communiste

Hundreds of thousands march against pension reform

Mouvement Communiste analyse the ultimately unsuccessful 2010 movement against pension reform in France.

Mouvement Communiste presentation

A brief introduction to the ideas of French-Belgian group Mouvement Communiste.

An attempt to report on the situation in France - Mouvement Communiste

Blockade of Nice airport - October 19th 2010

Mouvement Communiste report their impressions of the past several weeks of struggles in France.

This is based on eye witness accounts, testimony of comrades and friends and cross checking with the media. It cannot pretend to be a complete account but it gives you an idea of how we understand things.