Mouvement Communiste

Urban transport in Italy - Mouvement Communiste

A Milan tram

An account and analysis of the December 2003-January 2004 wildcat strike movement of Italian transport workers over national pay negotiations.

Critical review of the ABC of communism - Mouvement Communiste

Mouvement Communiste critically review the politics of the ABC of communism, by Nikolai Bukharin and Evgenii Preobrazhensky of the Third International. In PDF format.

Israeli invasion of Gaza: a new episode of warmongering electoratism

Israeli tanks roll into Gaza

Mouvement Communiste write in March 2009 on the Israeli invasion of Gaza and its consequences for the working class of Palestine and Israel. In PDF format.

Iran: Popular discontent reaches the surface - Mouvement Communiste

Mouvement Communiste analyse the mass protest movement which swept Iran in 2009 following the reelection of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and provoked the most serious political crisis that the regime since the Iran-Iraq war.

I love yellow monitors! The wildcat strike in Hyundai factory in Czech

Hyundai plant in the Czech Republic

An analysis of a wildcat work stoppage in Hyundai factory in Czech in December 2009 and its context. It was published in Tridni kniha (paper of Kolektivne proti kapitalu). It was distributed in front of the factory and posted by a Hyundai worker on a internet forum of Hyundai employees.

May-June 1968 - A Situation Lacking in Workers' Autonomy

Mouvement Communiste's detailed history and analysis of the movement of May-June 1968 in France.

Anti-globalisation: the socialism of the imbeciles - Mouvement Communiste

French group Mouvement Communiste examine the capitalist ideology behind the anti-globalisation movement.

Temp workers' strike at Citroen, France, 2007

Mouvement Communiste on a short wildcat strike of agency worker's in France in 2007.

What happened after the Paris suburb riots? 2005

Mouvement Communiste on the aftermath of the Paris suburban riots of 2005, the reaction of the right and resulting new government policies.

The recent violence in the French suburbs is difficult to integrate into the general class combat, 2005

Mouvement Communiste analyze their development and the reasons behind the suburb [1] riots in France in November 2005 and develop their position and critique from their communist perspective.