From redistribution to recognition: a left critique of multiculturalism - Aris Shivani

Aris Shivani argues that multiculturalism is censorious of speech and anti-intellectual; it covers up for the economic failings of liberalism and offers a false promise of security exploitable for fascist purposes; it diverts attention from class to culture and fits comfortably into the bourgeois framework; and it values mediocrity over achievement and makes class struggle more difficult by setting up essentialist identity categories.

Time 'to dump' multiculturalism - Joe Reilly

Bradford riots, 2001

Currently there is much discussion on how the rise of the far right can be halted. The truthful answer, says Joe Reilly, is that an anti-fascism joined at the hip with multiculturalism cannot do so.

Race attack - Red Action on multiculturalism

G. O'Halloran argues that by its betrayal of principle, multiculturalism is a major propaganda gift to the far right, as well as laying the foundations for the political extermination of the working class itself.

Over the Rainbow Coalition - Slavoj Žižek

Obscene multiculturalism

Philosopher/psychoanalyst Slavoj Žižek reveals the intolerant kernel of liberal multiculturalism - tolerant of all except antagonism, that is the class antagonism that is the basis of capitalist society.

Multiculturalism or the cultural logic of multinational capitalism? - Slavoj Žižek

Bill Gates in Mozambique

The loopy leninist (lite) takes aim at the homogenous heterogenity of modern capitalism.