Review, Letters and Updates - Black Flag

Letters and updates from Black Flag #213 1998. Including race and anarchism, problems with Larry O'Hara, Class War after the 1997 split.

Cable Street Beat Review

An incomplete archive of Cable Street Beat Review, a publication produced by the musical arm of Anti Fascist Action around 1989. Taken from the Anti-Fascist Archive.

Anarchy #051

Issue of Anarchy magazine published in May 1965. Issue is full of articles on music, rock and roll, blues and pop.

Billie Eilish and the Woke-Washing of Highland Park Gentrification

The celebration of pop star extraordinaire Billie Eilish as the defiant “socially conscious voice of Generation Z” is being used to manipulate the narrative of the anti-gentrification struggle in her home neighborhood of Highland Park, Los Angeles.

Overview: The Explosion of Deferred Dreams

Musician and historian Matt Callahan rehistoricizes the San Francisco music scene of the 1960s, reconnecting it to the working class and radical political legacies of the Bay Area.

Fascism and Black metal

Analysis of Fascist presence in black metal scenes in how to resist it.