Wichita students sit-in for US civil rights, 1958

Dockum Drug Store sit-in

A short history of the first successful sit-in protest of the civil rights movement in the Dockum Drug Store in Kansas.

African Americans campaign for desegregation of department store eating facilities in Kansas City, Missouri, 1958-59

A summary of the public boycott of department stores in Kansas City that took place in order to desegregate the dining halls within them. The boycott lasted from 19th December 1958 until 9th February 1959.

2010: State Wide Prisoner Strike in Georgia

I will not crawl: excerpts from Robert F. Williams on black struggle and armed self-defense in Monroe, NC

A brief biographical sketch of an incredible man named Robert F. Williams, along with several chapters excerpted from his famous 1962 book Negroes with Guns. Though less well known than more urban groups like the Black Panthers, the words and actions of Monroe, NC’s militant NAACP chapter were tremendously influential on later organizations that advocated self-determination, autonomy, equality, and self-defense.

Testimony of a black worker - Charles Denby

Charles Denby with Raya Dunayevskaya and Ethel Dunbar

Extracts from Charles Denby's excellent autobiographical work, Indignant Heart - Testimony of a Black Worker. The extracts describe his experiences as a black auto worker, factory struggles against both the bosses and the union bureaucracy and the dynamics of race within the workforce and wider society. He also describes his disillusioning experiences with Stalinist and Trotskyist parties and their hypocritical attitudes to black workers.