Timeline of the German and Herero, Nama War and Genocide

The 1904-1907 Herero and Nama revolt and genocide was the first use of concentration camps by the Germans.

Herero Revolt 1904-1907

Execution of Hereros, 1907

A short account of the Herero revolt against the German empire in what is now Namibia.

The colonial development of concentration camps

The practice of concentrating civilians in guarded camps or centres, specifically as part of a counter-guerrilla military strategy during wartime, long pre-dated and outlasted the Second World War. In the light of fresh research this article looks comparatively at the function of the camps in four different colonial arenas between 1868 and 1908.

Ovambo migrant workers general strike for rights, Namibia: 1971-72

Ovambo miners towards the end of the strike

In the winter of 1971-72 the economy of South West Africa (Namibia) was shutdown by a general strike of contract labourers challenged the economic system emplaced by Apartheid South Africa. The strike led to the scrapping of the contract system and is seen as a watershed moment, encouraging a rapid growth of opposition movements.

Truth and omission in the history of SWAPO

Paul Trewhela, an anti-Stalinist historian of the national liberation movements in Southern Africa, reviews Marion Wallace's A History of Namibia: From the Beginning to 1990

Namibia: Reflections on 20 years after independence

Election poster for the ruling South West African People's Organization (SWAPO).

Jade McClune, from The New Worker, on Namibia, at twenty.

Namibian telecoms workers in unlawful strike

Telecom Namibia logo

Telecom Namibia employees briefly downed tools on Friday morning (31 August), a move condemned by management as in violation of dispute resolution procedures.

Namibian miners' strike enters second week

Rosh Pinah zinc and lead mine in southern Namibia

The strike at the Exarro Rosh Pinah zinc and lead mine in the South yesterday entered its second week as management and union representatives failed to reach agreement on a dispute over a sacked union leader.

Namibia: Miners in wildcat strike

Map showing the location of the Rosh Pinah mine

About 200 workers have gone on a wildcat strike in protest against the sacking of a union leader, disrupting production at the Exxaro Rosh Pinah zinc and lead mine in the South.