1932: Belfast Outdoor Relief Strike

Strikers prepare to meet the police

The Falls and the Shankhill united, Catholics and Protestants fighting together. That is the story of the Outdoor Relief Strike launched by the unemployed of Belfast in 1932.

1991: The South Iraq and Kurdistan uprisings

Kurdish fighters in 1991

The history of the uprisings in Southern Iraq and Kurdistan in 1990-91 which involved large numbers of mutinous troops who had deserted during the Kuwait Gulf War.

The Nationalities Question in the Russian Revolution (Rosa Luxemburg, 1918)

Rosa Luxemburg

Luxemburg reveals the counter-revolutionary nature and consequences of the Bolsheviks' nationalist policy of the "right of self-determination of peoples".

Parsons, Lucy, 1853-1942

Lucy Parsons

A biography of anarchist labour organiser and wife of Haymarket Martyr Albert Parsons, Lucy Parsons.

Charge of the New Red Brigade - The Independent on Red Action

Article from The Independent on Sunday about socialist group Red Action, anti-fascism, the IRA and the bombings of Harrods and a Network Southeast train in 1993.