No state solution in Gaza

Statement distributed by the Manchester and Sheffield Anarchist Federation groups on the conflict in Gaza, in solidarity with the victims of the conflict, and for internationalism.

Statement against Israeli and Palestinian nationalisms; what's in a flag?

An attempt to present an internationalist perspective on the current situation in the West Bank, following Israel's attack on the Gaza Strip.

The Socialist Workers Party on the Iran-Iraq war, 1987

Support: Ayatollah Khomeini

Brief extracts from Socialist Worker, which illustrate the SWP's support for Iran during the Iran-Iraq war.

Nationalism and the road to happiness for the Chinese

This article by the Chinese anarchist writer Ba Jin was originally published in Awakening the People, No. 1, September 1921.

The Sixth Declaration, the Zapatistas, nationalism and the state

A short examination of the Zapatistas and nationalism written in late 2007 as a discussion document by a then-member of a local UK Zapatista solidarity group.

The Pogroms in South Africa: The Politics of Fear and the Fear of Politics

A response to the recent pogroms in South Africa from the anti-authoritarian militant intellectual Michael Neocosmos.

Anarchist integralism: art, politics and the apres-garde - Stewart Home

Bad article on nationalist, elitist and racist currents in anarchist thought, past and present. It makes important points, but is guilty of over-generalisation, sectarianism, and excursions deep into wind-up territory. We do not agree with much of the contents but reproduce it here for reference.

National liberation and state power - An anarchist critique of the MPLA in Angola

A text written around 1980 by Martin Spence outlining a critique of the Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola (MPLA), and national liberation struggles in general.

Class struggle in Iraq - interview with a veteran

An interview covering class struggle in Iraq from the '40s to early '90s in Iraq.

The story of the Limerick soviet, 1919 - D.R. O'Connor Lysaght

The Limerick Soviet, 1919

The story of the Limerick soviet and general strike, April 1919 by D.R. O'Connor Lysaght, written in 1979.