National formation in the Arab region: a critique of Samir Amin - Mohammad Ja'far

Samir Amin.

Text criticising Samir Amin's view on the formation of Arab nations, analysing from a Marxist perspective the construction of Arab nationalism, Islam and the need for working class internationalism in the Middle-East.

Reply to Ja'far - Salim Tamari

Salim Tamari responds to Mohammed Ja'far's article on the PLO and the Palestinian national liberation movement.

Reaching beyond Palestinian Nationalism: Reply to Salim Tamari - Mohammad Ja'far

Mohammad Ja'far's criticism of the idea that the Palestinian Liberation Organisation (and Palestinian nationalism more generally) can bring genuine liberation to the Palestinian working class.

Patriotism and the worker - Gustave Herve

A pamphlet put out in 1912 by the IWW Publishing Bureau, consisting of Gustave Hervé's speech to the jury at his 1905 trial for “anti-militarist” activities. Hervé later became a nationalist and apparently a convert to fascism in France during the 1920s.

The origins and legacy of Kemalism - A. Ender

Statue of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk.

Analysis on the role of Kemalism - a specific form of Turkish nationalism - in overseeing the transition from the Ottoman Empire to the Turkish Republic, demonstrating its reactionary nature in annexing Kurdistan and repressing its own working class.

In Chile, two kinds of terrorism - John Severino

An article examining how Chile's Anti-terrorism laws are being used to undermine dissent and resistance from student activists to indigenous communities in an attempt to reinforce the official National Identity.

History of organized fascism in Serbia

Sava Devurić's essay tracing the history of Serbian fascism from the early twentieth century to the present day.

The Palestinian Arab National Movement (book review) - Musa Budeiri

Book review by Musa Budeiri on Yehoshua Poreth's The Palestinian Arab National Movement, from Riots to Rebellion.

The brown masquerade

A critique of some anarchists or left communists who have cooperated with nationalists.