Noam Chomsky

The value of Noam Chomsky

A "personal essay" from 2015 on some of the reasons why Chomsky's fame -- unlike that of most public intellectuals -- is more than justified. Despite his rejection of the label, he is, in many respects, the quintessential Marxist.

An Ode to Chomsky

A 'personal essay' on dichotomies like decadence vs. health, particularity vs. universality, subjectivity vs. objectivity, and misanthropy vs. 'philanthropy,' which uses Noam Chomsky as a symbol of the 'positive' side of these dichotomies and a device to help us avoid the negative. It's important to reject misanthropy and (generally speaking) decadence. Along the way are thoughts on intellectuals, postmodernism, empiricism, left-wing intolerance, etc.

The significance and shortcomings of Karl Marx

Karl Marx

In honor of the bicentennial of Marx's birth, this essay summarizes some of his contributions and explain in what respects he got his own ideas wrong.

6 redenen waarom Chomsky verkeerd zit over antifa

Foto Jan Kees Helms en AFA Nederland

Noam Chomsky leverde onlangs wat commentaar op antifa en militant anti-fascisme in het algemeen. De opmerkingen zijn even slecht getimed als slecht geïnformeerd. Hier is waarom we denken dat hij verkeerd zit.

‘The Chomsky Puzzle’ - includes interviews with Noam Chomsky, Chris Knight and Tom Wolfe

‘The Chomsky Puzzle’ - includes interviews with Noam Chomsky, Chris Knight and T

The publication of both Tom Wolfe’s and Chris Knight’s very different critiques of Noam Chomsky led to this article in the Chronicle of Higher Education:

آنارکوسندیکالیسم نوشتۀ رودولف راکر با پیشگفتار نوآم چامسکی ترجمۀ محمودرضا عبداللهی

Anarchosynicalism Farsi

چاپ آنارکوسندیکالیسم اثر رودولف راکر، پس از سالیان دراز، برای آنان که دل مشغول مسائلی چون آزادی و عدالت اند، روی دادی بسیار مهم محسوب می شود