Northern Ireland

Pat Finucane: State sponsored murder

The findings of a review into the 1989 murder of Belfast human rights solicitor, Pat Finucane has been made public. The findings, whilst not exactly a surprise, are nevertheless shocking, and lay naked the lengths the British state will go to in order to silence people who get in its way.

The internment without trial of Marian Price

Whilst you may not share her politics, the internment without trial of the Irish Republican Marian Price, has profound implications for anyone involved in political activism.

The Leveller Issue 12

June-July issue of the Leveller, published by Organise! an anarcho-syndicalist group in Ireland. We have gone to 16 pages and are now full colour.

The Leveller 11

May 2012 issue 11 of the monthly Leveller. Published by Organise!

The Leveller 10

April 2012 issue 10 of the monthly Leveller. Published by Organise!

The Leveller issue 9

The Leveller issue 9

The recent new format edition of the Leveller, March 2012, Issue 9 in PDF.

Rob the rich!

A call to arms to the working class from Jason Brannigan in The Leveller as the crisis bites and the rich continue to rob us blind.

Bloody Sunday (Film)

This week marks the 40th anniversary of 'bloody sunday', when during a civil rights march in Derry, British soldiers opened fire on demonstrators killing thirteen people. Here is the acclaimed 2002 dramatisation of events, starring James Nesbitt. I have not attempted to discuss the events of the day as I could not possibly do them justice. However, if anyone knows of any good texts, please post them.

Don’t you f*****g threaten me Francis Maude

I am getting a bit sick of Francis Maude continually making not so 'thinly veiled' threats against the working class.

A marriage made in the gutter

Rumours of Tommy Robinson leaving the EDL for the British Freedom Party have been premature. In a meeting this evening Robinson officially 'endorsed' the BFP. The details of what this means are not yet clear, but it appears to point to a merger between the two groups. One will be the political arm, whilst the other will be the 'street' organisation.