nuclear power

British Energy to take nuclear stations off-line

British Energy has announced it will have to take 25% of the UK's nuclear capacity off-line due to cracks and leaks found in cooling systems.

Hunterston nuclear power station: strike update

Hunterston nuclear power station

An update from the picket on our second day of our fifth week in our dispute with Balfour Kilpatrick.

Hunterston nuclear power station strike - week 5

Another installment from the picket line for news. "The dispute continues with no resolve in sight, we need support".

Hunterston nuclear power station strike - week 4

A striker's report from week four of the strike at Hunterston nuclear power station.

Hunterston nuclear power station strike continues

A report from the fourth week of strikes by electricians at Hunterston Nuclear Power station.

OIC support Iranian nuclear program at UN

Foreign ministers of member states of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) on Tuesday called for disarmament and expressed support for Iranian peaceful nuclear program.

Hunterston power station strike picket reports

Hunterston power station

Striking workers' reports from the picket line of the second day of the second week of industrial action at the Hunterston nuclear power plant.

Hunterston nuclear power station - interview

As part of our continued coverage of the stike of Balfour Kilpatrick employees at Hunterston nuclear power station, interviewed one of the workers on strike.

Picket line update from Hunterston nuclear power station

The second week of industrial action at Hunterston nuclear power station began today. We present this report by one of the striking workers from today's picket line.

Hunterston nuclear power station "dirty tricks"

British Energy and British Nuclear Group keep up the pressure on striking workers at Hunterston.