Sussex students occupy library

Since 9:30 this evening, approximately 100 students have occupied the University of Sussex library to protest falling standards.

Dalston occupation update - eviction?

libcom has just heard that a hearing at Shoreditch County Court has resulted in an eviction order being granted at Dalston Theatre, it could therefore be evicted any time after 7pm this evening.

Glasgow: Mums occupy Carnwardic school against closure

Determined mothers are undertaking a series of overnight occupations of their working class neighbourhood school in a bid to save it from closure.

Ontario housing tribunal occupied

Early on Friday, members of the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty, and many people facing cuts to their welfare and ODSP cheques due to the slashed "Special Diet Allowance" occupied and shut down the Ontario Rental Housing Tribunal at 47 Sheppard Ave. E. in Toronto.

Glasgow mums' school sit-in

In Glasgow on Friday, a sit-in protest was organised by mums at Carnwadric Primary school to protest against its closure.

Bristol pool occupied

A group of protesters have occupied the site of the former Bristol North swimming bath on Gloucester Road.

1936-1938: The Workers of the Paris Region During the Popular Front - Michael Seidman

Renault workers on strike, 1936

A study of the mass strike and militant working class movement which erupted during the period of the French popular front government in 1936.

Melbourne tram dispute and lockout 1990 - anarcho-syndicalism in practice

The history of the January-February 1990 tramways dispute in Melbourne, Australia which saw transport workers, under anarcho-syndicalist influence, taking control of the trams and running them for free before power was cut off by the bosses. Includes a short introduction with information about the anarcho-syndicalist tram workers grouping involved.

Occupied Bauen Hotel - the struggle continues

If this story sounds vaguely familiar, it may be because Labourstart ran a campaign last year in support of workers in Argentina who, faced with a mismanaged business about to close decided to take matters into their own hands.

Broadway Market occupation - two weeks on

Tony Platia

Café Francesca in Broadway Market, Hackney has been occupied for two weeks by local people to prevent its demolition by property developer Dr Roger Wratten and conversion into luxury flats.