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On May 5, Torre GalFa (empty since 1997) became the site of the Europe’s largest occupation: ‘Macao’.

Torre GalFa is a 31-story high-rise built in the 1950s. It stands in the middle of Milan, at the intersection of via Galvani and via Fara. On May 5, the building (empty since 1997) became the site of the Europe’s largest occupation: ‘Macao’.

The right to resistance under a controlled democracy regime

The faith that another world is possible and the courage to challenge and resists are not radicalism; they are only symptoms for sanity and consciousness.

"I hate the indifferent. I believe that living means taking sides. Those who really live cannot help being a citizen and a partisan. Indifference and apathy are parasitism, perversion, not life. That is why I hate the indifferent."
A. Gramsci

Direct action makes history

A recent Occupy Wall Street spokes council meeting

A central part of our organising practice at Recomposition is direct action. In this piece our comrade Marianne addresses criticisms of Occupy Wall Street and the importance placed in that movement on a direct action strategy.

The following is not a commentary on, much less a defense of, David Graeber – with whom I disagree. It is a critique of key facets of the ideology of Andrew Kliman.

Occupy Abai - day 8

One day in the life of protest camp against inauguration of Putin in
Moscow - 14th of May

For photos, check original at http://avtonom.org/node/17655

Before evening Anarchist singer-songwriter "comrade Arkadi" made a
concert. Later, a freemarket was opened, where everyone could leave
their goods and gather what was left by other people. Tomorrow 15th of
May, there will be a lecture on free non-capitalist economy in the camp.

May Day and the Fight Back We Need

Occupy Iowa City held a rally and march as part of Occupy May 1st and the national Day of Action / General Strike. This was given as a speech there by Wild Rose Collective member R. Spourgìtis.

On May 1st, 1886, workers across the US went on strike for the 8 hour day. In Haymarket Square in Chicago, a massacre took place. In the years that followed, May 1st became known as International Workers Day in commemoration of these events, and most nations of the world now celebrate their Labor Day on or around May Day.

Who is Oakland: anti-oppression activism, the politics of safety, and state co-optation

An extensive criticism of anti-oppression politics, their relation to non-profits, capitalism and the state, as well as how they play out in movements such as Occupy.

This pamphlet – written collaboratively by a group of people of color, women, and queers – is offered in deep solidarity with anyone committed to ending oppression and exploitation materially. It is a critique of how privilege theory and cultural essentialism have incapacitated antiracist, feminist, and queer organizing in this country by confusing identity categories with solidarity.

The General Strike: An Incomplete Bibliography for Ambivalent Occupiers

The strike begins at the largest shipyard in Seattle, 1919.

With the attempted November 2, 2011 general strike looming, Ben Webster points out some lessons from past struggles to consider.

Occupy Oakland’s call for a day-long general strike on November 2 has revived interest in the tactic, calls for which were also heard over the winter in Madison, Wisconsin. Yet the general strike is practically unknown today in the United States, functioning more as a rhetorical index of militancy than a serious proposal for unified action.

From Spring to Autumn: Reflections on the American May

Asad Haider assesses the Occupy related May Day actions in the United States while comparing them to past struggles in Europe and considering what new forms of resistance will look like.

Long before the Haymarket Massacre, May Day represented a time of transition. Winter had receded; in anticipation of the wealth of summer, the people opted for leisure over work.

A Message to the Partisans, in Advance of the General Strike

A communique to the participants of the attempted general strike in Oakland on November 2, 2011.

We are the consequence. Thus reads the poetry of the moment, spraypainted on the side of a dumpster-barricade outside of Occupy Oakland in the hours before it was besieged by hundreds of cops and destroyed.

The make-believe world of David Graeber: reflections on the ideology underlying the failed occupation of Zuccotti Park - Andrew Kliman

Andrew Kliman of the Marxist-Humanist initiative criticises the arguments of David Graeber, which have been widely influential within the US Occupy movement.

pre•fig•u•ra•tion n.
1. The act of representing, suggesting, or imagining in advance.

2. Something that prefigures; a foreshadowing.

make–be•lieve adj.
Imaginary, pretended.