One Big Union

Wobblies of the World: A Global History of the IWW

A global history of the syndicalist union the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW).

Drumheller coal mining strike of 1919

Drumheller strikers, 1919

A short history of a strike by coal miners organised in the syndicalist One Big Union in Alberta which was repressed by bosses and the state.

Bill Pritchard, Revolutionary Socialist

Bill Pritchard, Revolutionary Socialist

Bill Pritchard
Revolutionary Socialist
Life in the Socialist Party of Canada and the OBU, 1910-1922
Bill Pritchard is probably best known for being jailed under a bogus conspiracy charge in the aftermath of the Winnipeg General Strike. He was also a militant of the Socialist Party of Canada, the editor of its newspaper, The Western Clarion, and a founder of the One Big Union. After the demise of the SPC, he was an early member of the CCF and was Reeve of Burnaby for a number of years. Later in life, he returned to the "Impossibilist" socialism of his roots.

The impossibilists: the Socialist Party of Canada and the One Big Union, selected articles 1906-1938 - Larry Gambone

The Impossibilists - The Socialist Party of Canada and the One Big Union, Select

Selection of articles about the Socialist Party of Canada and the One Big Union. We do not agree with the political perspective but reproduce this text for reference.

“You understand we are radical”: the United Mine Workers of America, District 18 and The One Big Union, 1919-1920

The story of the United Mine Workers of America District 18 and their path into, and then later out of, the radical One Big Union.

Futility of Fosterism

William Z. Foster.

A critique of the labor politics of William Z. Foster and the Communist Party of America's Trade Union Education League (TUEL). Author Ben Legare was the main US organizer for the One Big Union (OBU) a socialist union founded in western Canada by dissident members of the American Federation of Labor.

The One Big Union of Canada

Winnipeg general strike, 1919.

A 1920 article describing conflict within the One Big Union in Canada over industrial vs. regional organization.

The One Big Union in Washington

An article by David Jay Bercuson on the radical Canadian 'One Big Union' and its efforts to organize in Washington state (U.S.).