online activism

No match for a good blaster at your side kid: Digital Protest and Repression in a Far Away Galaxy

In honour of Star Wars day (4th May) I thought some of you may enjoy this story of life imitating art, through art. I've tried to make it as noob freindly as possible for those of you who haven't played an online game or seen Star Wars.

Political Activism in the Internet Age: Where to from here?

Has the internet changed political activism for the better or the worse?

Response to racist TEFL blog

A response to a racist blog posted in support of actions happening at the Speak Up School of English in London.

Victory against wage stealing language school!

After a short but intense campaign, Marta, a receptionist at the Speak Up London language school, has won a week’s unpaid wages and a glowing reference.

Marta: 2, Speak Up: 0

A successful action and a short Twitter callout regarding wage theft at the Speak Up School of English in London.

Goatse as industrial sabotage

DSG's piece on how obscene internet references are used by some workers as sabotage or resistance.


DSG's article on how technology has affected the maintainers of content and what this means.

All the memes of production - Deterritorial Support Group

DSG on internet memes and their political potential for the working class.



Cursory notes by spitzenprodukte on the evolution of a memetic non-demand.

The Open-Sourcing of Political Activism: How the internet and networks help build resistance

Strike! Occupy! Retweet!

An article by Guy Aitchison and Aaron Peters which deals with some of the issues of networked activism, its limits and potential in the context of the emergent anti-cuts movement. Written at the end of 2010 as a contribution to Fight back!, it forms part of Our Kingdom’s debate on the “networked society”.