Otto Rühle

KAPD Report from Moscow

Report from the Congress of the Third International in Moscow by Otto Ruhle of the Communist Workers Party of Germany (KAPD).

I travelled illegally to Russia. The business was difficult and dangerous; but it succeeded. On 16th June I stepped on to Russian soil: on the 19th I was in Moscow.

Moscow And Us - Otto Rühle

Brief notes on the Russian revolution, the third International and their relationship with the German proletariat by council communist Otto Ruhle.


The First International was the International of the awakening.

Its role was to call on the world proletariat to wake up; it was to give it the great watchword of socialism.

Its task fell within the realm of propaganda.

The Second International was the International of organisation.

Which Side To Take? Otto Rühle

Otto Ruhle on which side socialists should support during World War II.

The second World War has presented grave and fateful problems to the socialist workers' movement. Again it is faced with a situation similar to that which confronted the old labor movement at the outbreak of the first World War. There is a danger that the mistakes which brought doom to social-democracy will be repeated.

Speech in the Reichstag - Otto Rühle

Otto Rühle's speech to the Reichstag, rejecting the proposed shift to parliamentary democracy and calling for social revolution.

25th October 1918

The psyche of the proletarian child - Otto Rühle

Otto Rühle briefly looks at the focus on self-activity of various proletarian youth groups during the post-WWI revolutionary period in Germany.

Proletarian youth challenged the principle of authority for the first time in June 1919 when a number of young workers abandoned Free Socialist Youth in order not to oppose from within an authoritarian organization (which was an appendage of the parties) but to adopt a new position of their own.

From the bourgeois to the proletarian revolution - Otto Ruhle

Workers from the FAUD

Written in 1924, this pamphlet charts the development of the Russian and German revolutions, and attempts to point forward from the failure of these two major events, analysing the role of the parties and the trade unions in their respective failures.

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From the Bourgeois to the Proletarian Revolution

1 The Bourgeois Revolutions

An Introduction to Left Communism in Germany from 1914 to 1923

Ausflug des 'Syndikalistischen Frauenbundes Groß-Berlin'

On the Origins and Early Years of Working Class Revolutionary Politics:
An Introduction to 'Left Communism' in Germany from 1914 to 1923

DG, 1994

Introduction and Overview

Report from Moscow, 3rd International congress, 1920 - Otto Ruhle

In 1920 the newly formed KAPD sent a delegation (Franz Jung and Jan Appel) to Moscow to negotiate with the Executive of the III. International and participate at its second congress. As nothing clear was heard from the delegation a second team was sent - Otto Rühle and August Merges.

The struggle against fascism begins with the struggle against Bolshevism - Otto Ruhle

Left-communist pamphlet from 1939 that points the finger at Lenin and the bolsheviks for crippling the international workers' movement with authoritarian tactics and for developing a totalitarian and capitalist system of rule in the USSR.

Otto Ruhle and the German Labour Movement - by Paul Mattick

Paul Mattick critically analyses Otto Rühle's role in the German Revolution.