Resistance issue 130, March 2011

Full pdf and text of the Anarchist Federation's free paper.

The Promise, by Peter Kosminsky

Channel 4’s showpiece drama presents a revealingly limited portrayal of Palestine.

Israel and Palestine After Disengagement - Noam Chomsky debates with Alan Dershowitz

In this debate at the Kennedy School of Government, November 29, 2005, Noam Chomsky and Alan Dershowitz debate the Israel/Palestinian conflict and the prospects for peace.

Video available here.

Israeli invasion of Gaza: a new episode of warmongering electoratism

Israeli tanks roll into Gaza

Mouvement Communiste write in March 2009 on the Israeli invasion of Gaza and its consequences for the working class of Palestine and Israel. In PDF format.

Israel's war against Palestine: Now what? - An interview with Noam Chomsky

In this interview with the Israeli Occupation Archive, Noam Chomsky discusses events in the Middle East, the structural reasons behind the United States' support for Israeli policies, and the value of boycott strategies.

Israeli soldiers attack and kill activists bringing humanitarian aid to Gaza

In the early hours of the morning of May 31st 2010, Israeli soldiers boarded and attacked a ship stocked with humanitarian aid and bound for the Gaza strip. In the encounter many peace activists suffered fatal injuries.

Obama, Netanyahu and their embarrassingly effective PR

The stories of the US and Israel's feud bares more resemblance to gossip mag hysteria than news, and for good reason too.

Zionism against Jews, Jews against Zionism

Pamphlet on the nationalist character of Zionism and the need for an anti-Zionism that is genuinely anti-capitalist.

The perplexities of the Middle Eastern conflict - Communicating Vessels

Essay looking at the concepts of nation and national identity, especially in relation to the Israel/Palestine conflict.