Paris Commune

Theses on the Paris Commune - Situationist International

Parisian barricade - 1871

The Situationists reflect on the strengths and weaknesses of a great revolutionary moment; "the biggest festival of the nineteenth century".

" is time we examine the Commune not just as an outmoded example of revolutionary primitivism, all of whose mistakes can easily be overcome, but as a positive experiment whose whole truth has yet to be rediscovered and fulfilled."

Karl Marx and the state

David Adam addresses Marx’s concept of a socialist society in relation to various concepts of the state.

What is the Left?

This excerpt from Alain Badiou's important essay on the Paris Commune in Polemics argues that radical politics always requires a break with the left - it always requires a decision for people to take things into their own hands.

Montels, Jules, 1843-1916

Jules Montels in his Commune military uniform

A short biography of anarchist, Paris Communard and tutor to Leo Tolstoy's children, Jules Montels.

Bastelica, André, 1845-1884

Fallen: The Paris Commune

A short biography of First International member, brilliant agitator and organiser of the Marseilles working class, André Bastelica.

Pindy, Jean Louis, 1840-1917

Jean Louis Pindy

A short biography of Jean Louis Pindy: Paris Communard, anarchist and inventor of the Paindy.

Brocher-Rouchy, Victorine, 1838-1921

Victorine Brocher

Biography of French anarchist Victorine Brocher-Rouchy, who fought in the Paris Commune and, in making her escape from the repression, was forced to leave her husband behind.

Michel, Louise, 1830-1905


A short biography of French anarchist, Paris Communard, and national hero at the time, Louise Michel.

1871: The Paris Commune

A barricade during the Paris Commune, 1871.

A brief history of the world's first socialist working class uprising. The workers of Paris, joined by mutinous National Guardsmen, seized the city and set about re-organising society in their own interests based on workers' councils. They could not hold out, however, when more troops retook the city and massacred 30,000 workers in bloody revenge.

The Paris Commune, 1871: a short account - Workers Solidarity Movement

A short history of the Paris Commune, weak on details of the revolution and working class organisation but with good information about the makeup of the elected Communards and details of the fighting and repression at the end of the Commune.