Birth of a Holiday: The First of May - Eric Hobsbawm

Walter Crane - Garland for Mayday

Marxist historian Eric Hobsbawm's account of the international celebration of Mayday.

The coming insurrection - The Invisible Committee

Parisien suburb riots, 2005

Insurrectionary communist call to arms, originally published in France in 2005, in text and PDF format.

The Need of Our Own Project by Organisación Socialista Libertaria (Argentina)

A short piece advocating specific organization ("Especifismo") from an Argentinian group.

Buela, Juana Rouco 1889-1969

Juana Rouco Buela

A short biography of Juana Rouco Buela, formidable fighter for women's liberation and anarchism

The "Negro Fort" massacre

Historian Adam Wasserman's account of Andrew Jackson's excursion into Spanish Florida to destroy the "Negro Fort" situated on the mouth of the Appalachicola River in Florida. The "Negro Fort" was a free black settlement that served as a rendezvous for fugitive slaves from the Southern states.

Revolutionary defeatists in Greece in World War II - Aghis Stinas

Selections from the memoirs of the Greek socialist Aghis Stinas, focusing on class struggle, internationalism and revolutionary defeatism during the Second World War.

Out of the frying pan - a critical look at works councils

Works Councils, far from empowering people, act as a tool by which management can control and pacify people at work. The truth behind Works Councils is exposed here through the views of workers in France, who have witnessed their failure at first hand. The message is clear; there is nothing to be gained and much to lose from the introduction of a Works Council system in Britain.

Out of the Frying Pan is a critical analysis of Works Councils and a look ahead at a real future for organising and fighting back in your workplace.

Bolten, Virginia 1870-1960?

Virginia Bolten

A short biography of Virginia Bolten, aka the Louise Michel of Rosario, fearless fighter for anarchism and women's liberation

1989-1990: Opposition to the Poll Tax

A short account of the agitation against the introduction of the community charge in Britain. Widespread protests and a highly successful campaign of non-payment eventually forced the government to scrap the poll tax and played a large part in the eventual downfall of Margaret Thatcher.