Women's subversive individualism in Barcelona during the 1930s - Michael Seidman

This short text, drawing on H. E. Kaminsky's testimony, discusses the Spanish Revolution in regard to what was wrong in the CNT and UGT’s lack of critique of labour and work, as well as their unwillingness to address patriarchy.

Workers against work: labor in Paris and Barcelona during the Popular Fronts - Michael Seidman

Why did a revolution occur in Spain and not in France in 1936?

Agrarian Collectives during the Spanish Civil War - Michael Seidman

Michael Seidman on the farming collectives during the Spanish revolution.

The third revolution? Peasant resistance to the Bolshevik government

Red Army soldiers attack the Kronstadt commune, 1921

Nick Heath on the wave of rebellions and uprisings of rank-and-file Russian workers and peasants across the country in 1919-1921 against the Bolsheviks, who were consolidating their grip on power. Contrary to the Bolsheviks' claims, these rebellions were not reactionary but in fact in support of the original aims of the revolution: socialism, and workers' and peasants' self-management. Taken together they can be referred to as a Third Revolution.

Reply to Moshe and Brovkin - William G Rosenberg

The Menshevik's Political Comeback Spring 1918 Vladimir Brovkin

Vladimir Brovkin