The Battle of Cable St, 1936 - Joe Jacobs

Joe Jacobs was in 1936 a local Communist Party activist in London's East End. This is his account of his involvement in the famous defence of the East End against an attempted march by Mosley's fascists.

Sócrates - midfielder and anti-dictatorship resister

Sòcrates - anti-dictatorship resister.

Brazil and Corinthians midfielder, doctor of medicine and philosophy, Sócrates also organised demonstrations of opposition to Brazil's military dictatorship.

The meaning of Tiananmen - Burt Green

Burt Green analyses the events of Tiananmen Square and their consequences. This article contains some factual inaccuracies (see comments below for more information) but we reproduce it for reference.

Bastelica, André, 1845-1884

Fallen: The Paris Commune

A short biography of First International member, brilliant agitator and organiser of the Marseilles working class, André Bastelica.

Pindy, Jean Louis, 1840-1917

Jean Louis Pindy

A short biography of Jean Louis Pindy: Paris Communard, anarchist and inventor of the Paindy.

Notes on Bakunin's book 'Statehood and anarchy' - Karl Marx

Marx responds to Bakunin's criticisms of Marx and Marxism. Marx's comments were written at the end of 1874 as he read Bakunin's book as part of his efforts to learn Russian and to study Russian society.

Every nation-state is imperialist by nature - Tom Wetzel

Many leftists see so-called "national liberation" movements as the strategy for opposing American imperialism. Tom Wetzel asks if this is the case.

A disgrace before God: Striking black sanitation workers vs. black officialdom in 1977 Atlanta

Atlanta 1963: High school student arrested at civil rights protest.

This article is a case study of the betrayal of the African American working class by the Black political class brought to power by the Civil Rights and Black Power movements of the 1960's.

Ireland, nationalism and imperialism, the myths exploded, 1972-1992 - Subversion

Written before the Good Friday Agreement at a time when the 'armed struggle' was still part of daily life in Northern Ireland this article, though inevitably somewhat dated, this remains a cogent analysis of the recent history of Ireland.

Mutinies in the American army, 2004-2005 - Echanges

A brief discussion of incidences of dissatisfaction in the US Army during the Iraq War.