Principles of syndicalism - Tom Brown

IWW syndicalist Elizabeth Gurley Flynn speaks, Lawrence strike 1912

Written by the well known activist and propagandist Tom Brown, the article explains clearly the principles according to which syndicalist unions organise, and the new society they aim to create "within the shell of the old".

Ba Jin, 1904-2005

Ba Jin

A short biography of anarchist, author and "grand old man of Chinese literature", according to The Guardian, Ba Jin.

Under new management? The Fisher-Bendix occupation - Solidarity

Solidarity's excellent eyewitness account, with background information, of the Fisher-Bendix factory and offices against closure in 1972. The workers also implemented certain new aspects of work policy.

Guide to dealing with the corporate media

A guide to using the mainstream corporate or state media to get your message across.

Colorado miners strike and Columbine mine massacre, 1927 - Sam Lowry

Short history of a strike by miners in Colorado in 1927 and the massacre of strikers at the Columbine mine by the state militia. The strike lead to an almost complete shut down of the mining industry in the state.

Pinelli, Giuseppe “Pino”, 1928-1969

Giuseppe Pinelli

A short biography of Giuseppe Pinelli, anarchist railway worker who was murdered by police in the Strategy of Tension. He was immortalised in Dario Fo's play Accidental Death of an Anarchist.

Anarchism, heterosexism and secular religions

A critical response to a letter about "gay issues" in the anarcho-syndicalist union CNT's newspaper.

Media and publicity guide

How to get the word out about your group or campaign? There are two main approaches, which should both be used: using the mainstream and corporate media, and building your own independent media. This page contains advice on both.

Another day, another IDF Refusenik

Since 2002, soldiers and officers from the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) have been refusing to serve in the Occupied Territories in protest against what the Israeli military regime.

Community organising

Information, guides and tips on organising around issues which affect you and other people living in your local area.