1970-1990: The war of counter-insurgency in El Salvador

Noam Chomsky on the ultra-violent war of the right-wing regime in El Salvador against grassroots resistance of workers, peasants and liberation theologists – socialist clergymen and women.

1871: The Paris Commune

A barricade during the Paris Commune, 1871.

A brief history of the world's first socialist working class uprising. The workers of Paris, joined by mutinous National Guardsmen, seized the city and set about re-organising society in their own interests based on workers' councils. They could not hold out, however, when more troops retook the city and massacred 30,000 workers in bloody revenge.

1978-1979: The Iranian Revolution

The Iranian revolution

A history and analysis of the revolution in which socialists aligned themselves with Islamists to overthrow the West-backed Shah.

A people's history of the United States - Howard Zinn

The full text of Howard Zinn's superb people's history of the United States, spanning over 500 years from Columbus's "discovery" of America in 1492 to the Clinton presidency in 1996.

1918: The Hungarian Revolution

Mihaly Karolyi

The history of the revolution which brought down the monarch and saw workers' and peasants' councils spring up across the country, only to be betrayed by its social democratic and Communist "leadership".

1905: The Russian Revolution


A short history of the first unsuccessful Russian Revolution of 1905. Following the 'Bloody Sunday' massacre, a general strike paralysed the country and workers' and peasants' councils were set up.

Israeli pilots refuse to fly assassination missions, 2003

A group of Israeli airforce pilots declared yesterday that they would refuse to fly missions which could endanger civilians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

A proletarian critique of the Nation of Islam - Melancholic Troglodytes

This is a proletarian critique of the U.S. based Nation of Islam (NOI). With anything between 20,000 and 100,000 members and capable of engineering massive reactionary mobilizations, the Nation represents a significant counter-revolutionary force. The pamphlet looks at NOI's history and evolution, the way it exploits its membership and its promotion of anti-working class, sexist, homophobic and racist ideology. Melancholic Troglodytes hope this text will encourage further analysis of NOI, religion and race from a class perspective.

On Organisation - Camatte & Collu

Published in French as "De l'organisation" in 'Invariance', Anne V, serie II, no. 2. This translation published by Autonomedia, 1995, in This world we must leave, and other essays. Note: a different translation of this work by David Brown titled "About the Organisation" was included as an appendix in the edition of Capital and community published by Unpopular books. Translated by Edizioni International, Savona, Italy. Transcription/markup taken from http://www.riff-raff.se. Minor alterations by Rob Lucas, 2006.