Socialist Substandard: 100 years of the socialist party of 1904 - Paul Petard

SPGB 1905 conference

The fundamental flaws in the parliamentarian approach.

Bakunin on trial


The ghost of Bakunin appears in a Chinese courtroom to haunt bureaucratic Maoism! The incident described below occurred in the aftermath of the Chinese 'Cultural Revolution'. The power battles between opposing factions of the ruling bureaucratic elite in Maoist China set in motion great upheavals and mobilizations of students and workers that sometimes went further than either ruling faction intended, as can be seen below.

DAM rank and filists! The Communication Workers Group

Article written by one of Subversion, a former member of the rank and file Communication Workers Group, in 1994 looking at his/her experiences with the group and making suggestions on future efforts of workplace organising - importantly rejecting the CWG's rank and filism.

1960s: Beyond the New Left Part 2- Muto Ichiyo & Inoue Reiko

The roots of subservience - Kan Takayuki

Kan Takayuki takes a long hard look at the historical and cultural factors underlying the public reaction to the illness, death and funeral of Hirohito Tenno.

1980s-1990s: The Myths of the Toyota System

Nomura Masami on the myths of the Toyota system of management, in PDF format.

The Japanese Labour Movement - Towards Total Dissolution?

The Emperor's Legions - A History of Japan's Right Wing

The Emperor System and the Limits of Post-War Democracy