Reply to Moshe and Brovkin - William G Rosenberg

The Menshevik's Political Comeback Spring 1918 Vladimir Brovkin

Vladimir Brovkin

My disillusionment in Russia - Emma Goldman

Emma Goldman speaking in Russia

Lithuania-born Jewish anarchist Emma Goldman's book on the degeneration of the Russian Revolution of 1917-1921.

Anarcho-syndicalism - Rudolf Rocker

Classic extended work of Rudolf Rocker on anarcho-syndicalism.

Fascists and police routed: the battle of Cable Street - Reg Weston

Anti-fascists and locals on the barricades

Cable Street - October 4th 1936 - an eyewitness account by Reg Weston, Higham resident and life-time member of the National Union of Journalists .

The Homestead strike, 1892

National Guard patrol the main street

An account of a militant strike of steel workers of the Carnegie company in the US defending their organisation and conditions against the bosses, the police and hired armed mercenaries.

The soul of man under socialism - Oscar Wilde

The famous writer and poet Oscar Wilde's key text outlining his personal vision for a libertarian socialist society, and its implications for personal freedom and potential.

The tragedy of Spain - Rudolf Rocker

German anarcho-syndicalist Rudolf Rocker's history of the Spanish Civil War and Revolution.