Anarchism: from theory to practice - Daniel Guerin

Daniel Guerin's book about the theoretical basis of anarchism, and its practical application to the real world in selected historical examples.

The Workers' Opposition in Nazi Germany - Tim Mason

German workers, 1920s.

Tim Mason on resistance to the Nazis from the German working class.

1968-1971: The League of Revolutionary Black Workers - A. Muhammad Ahmad

A short history of the League of Revolutionary Black Workers - a radical union of black auto workers. The articles includes other information about the car industry, race and struggle from 1910 onwards.

The incomplete Marx - Felton C. Shortall

The Incomplete Marx - Felton C. Shortall

Part of the series of biographies of Karl Marx.
Libertarian Marxist Felton C. Shortall's detailed analysis of the revolutionary ideas of Karl Marx.

Subaltern studies and its critics - Vinay Lal

PDF version of the book Subaltern Studies and its Critics: Debates over Indian History by Vinay Lal.

Can a Muslim Be an Indian? - Gyanendra Pandey