World revolution and communist tactics - Anton Pannekoek

Communist rally during the 1918 German revolution.

Pannekoek surveys the possibilities and obstacles for communist revolution in 1920.

The Personal Act - Pannekoek

Anton Pannekoek writes on the burning of the Reichstag by council communist Marinus Van Der Lubbe (and other possible accomplices) - and discusses what value there is in the tactic of destroying products of bourgeois culture.

Marxism and Darwinism - Pannekoek

Charles Darwin and Karl Marx.

The relationships between Darwinism, Marxism, evolution and class struggle.

Workers Councils (1936) - Anton Pannekoek

Anton Pannekoek.

Revolutionary Workers Councils as organs of working class self-emancipation.

This article was first published in English in the American journal International Council Correspondence (Vol. II No. 5 April 1936).

Reflections on Marx's critique of political economy - Kamunist Kranti

Pamphlet by Indian left communists Kamunist Kranti with their take on Karl Marx's critique of political economy.

Critique of the Situationist International

Gilles Dauve's analysis of both the Situationists' theoretical strengths and weaknesses.

Egyptian Jewry: why it declined - Ya'acoub Daoud Eskandarany

Bat Mitzvah in Alexandria, Egypt.

In order to illustrate the particular problematic of Middle Eastern Jewries, we shall try to give a short historical outline of the Jews who lived in Egypt for 2,000 years, held important positions in the civil service, were rarely exposed to racial persecution and spoke the language of the people. Their culture, customs and way of life were such that no problem of integration or participation in the revolutionary struggles of the Middle Eastern peoples ought to have arisen. Yet, in Egypt as elsewhere in the Mashreq, the Jewish population, with rare exceptions, has left the country. Why? We shall try to explain how this happened.

Autonomy Issue #1

A journal of libertarian marxist theory, analysis and discussion issue #1, November, 2002