Here and now #14

Here and now issue 14 cover

Issue of Here and Now from 1993 with articles about reality TV, anti-fascism, race and space, ecstasy, an exclusive interview with Satan and more.

Here and Now magazine

Cover of the 14th issue of Here and now

Partial online archive of scanned issues of Here and Now, a UK-based situationist magazine published 1985-1994.

A mountain river has many bends: an introduction to the Rojava revolution

Rojava Map

We offer this zine to the world so that people may learn about the Rojava revolution happening right now in northern Syria.

Ninth-century Muslim anarchists - Patricia Crone

Famous 9th Century Muslim scholar and Mu'tazilite, Al-Kindi

Interesting article from 2000 by Patricia Crone about groups of essentially anarchist Muslims from southern Iraq in the ninth century.

Louise Michel and William Morris - Linda Richardson

Article by Linda Richardson about the connections between Paris communard Louise Michel and libertarian socialist British artist William Morris.

Subversion #8

Issue of Subversion with articles about diabetes, the Russian coup, Militant, the "New World order", Animal Liberation Front attacks on cheese shops and Marxism and anarchism.

Subversion #6

Issue of Subversion from 1991 with articles about the UK public sector cuts amidst the recession, famine, the collapse of the Eastern Bloc and the Gulf War.

Subversion #5

Article of Subversion from early 1991 with articles about the Gulf War, a strike in Turkey, the troubles in Northern Ireland and the poll tax and the official left groups.

The state and capitalist society - Ralph Miliband

The Houses of Parliament

Marxist academic Ralph Miliband's extensive and detailed analysis and critique of the role played by the state in advanced capitalist society. It examines each part of the state, including the government, civil service, legal system and armed forces and their relationships with business, the media, religion and trade unions. Written in 1969, most of the tendencies he points to are even further advanced today, so while there is little mention of race and gender this remains an invaluable text.

The party is haunting us again

NUMSA members

The National Union of Metal Workers of South Africa (NUMSA) recently split from the African National Congress (ANC). As part of this it is exploring establishing a mass workers' party in South Africa. This article examines why this path is deeply flawed.