The Sheffield Anarchist Vol 2 No 2

The Sheffield Anarchist Vol 2 No 2 December 1978

The Sheffield Anarchist Vol 1 No 11

The Sheffield Anarchist Vol 1 No 11 July 1975

The Sheffield Anarchist

Partial archive of The Sheffield Anarchist produced by the UK Sheffield Anarchist Group in 4 volumes.

A CIO organizer in Alabama, 1941

Reports from an organizer involved in efforts to organize a Goodyear plant in Alabama in 1941.

Toward a history of the CIO: a bibliographical report

An essay by Robert H. Zieger on some of the various writings on the CIO up to 1985.

A martyr to his cause: the scenario of the first labor film in the United States

The background and script to A Martyr to His Cause, the first labor film, made in 1911 in defense of the McNamara brothers,who were accused of bombing the Los Angeles Times during a labor dispute.

Swedish syndicalists host international gathering of industrial unionists (1975)

A 1975 article from the Industrial Worker about a conference hosted by Swedish syndicalist union, SAC.

The strike! - Paul Delesalle

A brief text from 1900 by the French anarchosyndicalist Paul Delesalle on labor and capital, the strike, its origins, and the difference between the “partial” strike for immediate demands and the “general strike” that is the herald of the next revolution.

Subversion #1

PDF of the first issue of Subversion, mostly about the poll tax.

Where Casement would have stood today - Jack White

Address delivered by Capt Jack White to the Roger Casement Sinn Fein club in 1936. We do not necessarily agree with all of it but reproduce it for reference.