Resistance issue 158, Angry not apathetic: general election special

Special edition of the Resistance bulletin giving an anarchist view on the UK 2015 general election.

Bakunin's writings - Guy Aldred

Guy Aldred's collection of Bakunin's writings.

Dogmas discarded - Guy Aldred

Guy Aldred's autobiographical pamphlet.

Pioneers of anti-parliamentarism - Guy Aldred

Guy Aldred's pamphlet on the pioneers of anti-parliamentarism, focusing on such figures as Mikhail Bakunin, Rosa Luxembourg, and Herman Gorter.

Anarchy #005

Issue of Anarchy magazine from July 1961 primarily about the Spanish Civil War.

Anarchy #118: the meaning of work today and tomorrow

The last issue of Anarchy magazine from December 1970 with articles about work at the time and in the future.

Anarchy #004

Issue of Anarchy magazine from June 1961.

Anarchy #003

Issue of Anarchy from May 1961.

Anarchy #001

Anarchy 1 cover

The first issue of Anarchy magazine from March 1961.

The doctrine of anarchism of Michael A. Bakunin - Eugene Pyziur

Eugene Pyziur's account of Bakunin's social and political thought.