Solidarity - National Group Paper #01

Solidarity - National Group Paper #01

First issue of the Solidarity National Group Paper co-ordinated by Oxford Solidarity. Undated but 1977.
Articles on Noel and Marie Murray, policing, a review of "Racism - Who Profits?", the Trotopoly board game, Some Thoughts On The Crisis, Make Your Own Music.

The Trotoploy board took up the centre pages so a separate double page spread is attached as a PDF.

Solidarity for workers' power #8.07

Solidarity - vol 8 no 07

Final issue of Solidarity for Workers' Power dated 8 August, 1977. Articles about the Grunwick strike, Lucas Aerospace, 'Why I left the C.N.T.', 'Listen, Psychiatrist' by Cornelius Castoriadis (as Paul Cardan) and a review of Heilbroner's 'Business Civilization in Decline'.

The Starvation Army: Twelve reasons to reject the Salvation Army

Twelve reasons why you should think twice about supporting the Salvation Army.

An account of my involvement with Solidarity - Bob Potter

Bob Potter in Berlin, August 1951

Bob Potter's previously unpublished 2004 recollections of his involvement in the libertarian socialist group Solidarity in the 1960s and 70s and some of its key figures like Ken Weller and Chris and Jeanne Pallis.

Solidarity forever? - John Sullivan and Tom Hillier, and Maurice Brinton's reply

Solidarity Forever?

At the end of 1968 John Sullivan and Tom Hillier left Solidarity to join International Socialism (I.S.) the trotskyist group around Tony Cliff, and produced a pamphlet criticizing Solidarity. It's reproduced here together with Solidarity's reply by Maurice Brinton.

The East End Eye

Online archive of The East End Eye, the voice of Glasgow Games Monitor 2014, a group of residents, activists and campaigners who are concerned about the effects of the regeneration in the East End of Glasgow.

The idea is the thing - Berkman

Faces of Capitalism

A short essay about the importance of ideas in maintaining Capitalist society.

Solidarity index

Solidarity Index

In 1972 Solidarity (London) issued an index of its journal (up to Vol. 7 No. 2 - June 1972) and of the pamphlets published to that point.

Solidarity for workers' power #8.06

Penultimate issue of Solidarity from 22 April, 1977, with articles about the Labour Party, the unions, the Bullock report on industrial democracy and more.

Solidarity for workers' power #8.05

Issue of Solidarity from November 1975 mostly about the role of the unions and the union bureaucracy.