Radio is my bomb: a DIY manual for pirates

Booklet cover

A pirate radio how-to guide published by Hooligan Press in London in April, 1987. The title comes from a quote from Chantal Paternostre, a Belgian anarchist who said it when arrested on trumped up terrorism charges. She worked for Radio Air Libre, a Brussels pirate radio station. She was eventually released from prison after more than a year detained: most of it in solitary confinement.

Resistance comix

Resistance comic issue 10 cover

Partial online archive of Resistance Comix, a radical comic published in the UK probably in the 1980s.

Anarchy in the navy - Peter E Newell

Republican sailors playing musical instruments on board battleship Jaime I

Article responding to the frequent historical criticism of anarchism that a ship could not be run without hierarchy, using the example of sailor-run ships during the Spanish Civil War.

Without a trace: a forensics manual for you and me

Booklet cover

An anonymous booklet about police forensic techniques, published in London probably in the mid-1980s. Much of the information contained within is now out of date and so is reproduced for reference only.

Subversion #21

Issue of Subversion from around early 1997 with articles about the Albanian uprising, South Korea, Liverpool dockers, green communism, the JSA, IRA and more.

Guy Debord supplement

Guy Debord supplement cover

Here and Now special supplement magazine on Guy Debord.

Here and Now #12

Here and now issue 12 cover

Issue of Here and Now from 1992 with articles about serial killers, economic reason, managerialism and more.

Here and Now #06

Here and now issue 6 cover

Issue of Here and now with articles about a civil service strike, Scotland, sex, Eastern Europe, right libertarianism and more.

Here and Now #03

Here and now issue 3 cover

Issue of Here and Now from spring 1986 with articles about life in the Eastern Bloc, Poland, the Soviet ruling class, animal liberation and more.

Here and Now #02

Here and now issue 2 cover

Issue of Here and Now from summer 1985 with articles about computer technology, the working class community in Clydeside, consumerism, letters, reviews and more.