The Factory Songs of Mr. Toad - Martin Glaberman

In addition to his political writings, Martin Glaberman was also a published poet. Here is an example of his work.

Muehsam, Erich, 1878-1934

A short biography of Erich Muehsam, German poet, playwright, bohemian and anarchist revolutionary.

Duke, James Herriott, 1939-1992

James Herriott Duke

A short biography of Australian anarchist poet, James Herriott Duke, who also lived in the UK.

Bevington, Louisa Sarah, 1845-1895

One of Bevington's pamphlets

A short biograpy of English poet and anarchist communist Louisa Bevington.

Andrea, Virgilia d’, 1890-1932

Virgilia d'Andrea: anarchist, anti-fascist, teacher, poet

A short biography of Italian anarchist, anti-fascist, teacher and poet Virgilia d'Andrea.

Rexroth, Kenneth, 1905-1982

Kenneth Rexroth

A short biography of poet, anarchist and pioneer of the Beat movement Kenneth Rexroth.

Summons - Nestor Makhno

This poem by Nestor Makhno was written when he was 23 years old and had been in prison for two years for "illegal subversive association."

Levine, Philip, 1928-today

Anarchist poet - Philip Levine

A short biography and information about the politics of American anarchist poet, Philip Levine.

Marini, Giovanni, 1942-2001

Giovanni Marini

A biography of Italian working class poet, writer and anarchist Giovanni Marini, caught up in Italy's Strategy of Tension and unjustly convicted of the murder of a fascist.