Polite Ire

The anatomy of a joke

Not funny

Polite Ire takes on 'banter' by analysing what makes a joke funny. Written in the wake of the website 'UniLad' openly advocating rape 'as a joke'.

Gender and protest

'Family values'

Polite Ire argues that patriarchy cannot be challenged without taking on capitalism and the state - and vice versa.

Gender and the state

A white knight

Polite Ire looks at the links between gender and the state, arguing that masculinity is constructed in the image of the state.

Rape culture

Rape culture

Polite Ire critiques rape culture, where the use of women as objects is normalised.

Gender inequality and gender differences

Polite Ire critiques gender essentialism and fashionable brain imaging studies.

The police: the case against - Polite Ire

There is a commonly held assumption that the police are a necessary presence in a civilised society, one that ensures the preservation of social order. And yet this assumption is deeply ideological, blurring the distinction between the act of policing with the existence of an institutional police force. Polite Ire queries the supposed necessity of the police, asking how they gain their legitimacy and whether this is deserved.

Gender, power, and struggle

Gender, power, and struggle

This series of articles considers the construction of gender roles and the consequences this has upon our society, including the existence of rape culture. The relationship of gender to the state is then considered, as are the implications for struggle. From Polite Ire.