On Labour's pledge to axe the bedroom tax

Why the pledge from the Labour Party to axe the Bedroom Tax doesn't mean we've won and, if we take it at face value, could mean that we lose.

The Labour Party has this week vowed to scrap the Bedroom Tax. The announcement, which has dominated headlines as well as a lot of talk on Twitter, comes as Labour prepares to hold its annual conference in Brighton.

Like father, like son: Fascists of the 3rd Millennium in Italy

Two policemen are under investigation for covering up a fascist brawl that involved Rome’s Mayor’s son, Manfredi Alemanno.

According to Rome’s Public Prosecutors the inquiry that had followed the event was obstructed and then buried under the sand by the Police, thanks to the withholding of evidence and false statements made by policemen Roberto Macellaro (who in his free time volunteers to be the Mayor’s personal chauffeur) and Pietro Ronca, a local Chief Inspector in Rome.

Get rich or lie trying: Why ANC millionaire Julius Malema posed as a radical

This article aims to explain, from an anarchist / syndicalist perspective, the rapid rise and fall of Julius Malema, the controversial and corrupt multi-millionaire leader of South Africa’s ruling party, the African National Congress’s (ANC’s) “youth league” (ANCYL). It is demonstrated that Malema’s posturing as radical champion of the black poor was simply a means to an end: rising higher in the ranks of the ANC, in order to access bigger state tenders and higher paying political office.


The middle class, the partocracy and fascism - Miguel Amorós

A discussion of “partocracy”, defined as “a modern type of developmentalist oligarchy” characterized by the abrogation of popular sovereignty by a political class largely based on the declining and insecure middle classes, which acts on behalf of the needs of economic expansion but is based on an extensive network of patronage relations, establishing a regime in which “fear is used as an instrument of government” to impose “a policy of resignation”, together with an analysis of how this regime differs (e.g., decentralized vs. centralized corruption) from fascism, despite certain similarities.

The middle class, the partocracy and fascism – Miguel Amorós

Iain Duncan Smith receives a warm welcome in Bootle

Iain Duncan Smith recently slithered into Liverpool for a tour of the DWP offices. This is a brief account of his welcoming committee.

The Secretary of State for Works and Pensions, and failed former Conservative Party leader, Iain Duncan-Smith, last week visited the DWP offices in Bootle.

A picket had been organised outside the DWP offices by the local PCS branch to greet Mr Duncan-Smith on his arrival.

The true legacy of Yitzhak Shamir

A man once described by the United States as a violent terrorist is now eulogized as a hero in the media.

[=Helvetica]On June 30, the world's media filled with announcements of the death of former Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir. Predictably, Shamir's death was treated by American and Israeli politicians as the end of a great statesman and national founder.

An overview of Italy after PM Monti’s first six months

Bologna: widows' march

A strange and dramatic demonstration took place on 4 May in front of a tax office in Bologna, where a 58-year-old bricklayer burned himself to death on 28 March.

Because the protest was organized by the wife of the deceased, it has been called the “widows’ march” and has mobilised around one hundred people who, bringing white flags and pictures of suicidal entrepreneurs, wanted to remember all the “tax victims”. Many of them where entrepreneurs or tradespeople who demanded more sustainable taxation and careful attention to their problems.

The (other) reason I'm against electoralism

Most of the arguments against voting point out (rightly) that it achieves nothing. This is reflected in slogans such as "if voting changed anyting, they'd abolish it" and "whoever you vote for, government wins." I'm writing this post to focus on the other problem with parliamentary democracy - namely, that it is worse than useless.

See here for a longer post of mine on the theory behind anarchist anti-electoralism. Also worth a read is my exposition on why you can't fight the cuts by voting.

Detroit: Arm the Spirit

An article briefly detailing the downfall of former Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick and how a critique and movement needs to go beyond just him.

"Where the Spirit... is, there is liberty" - from Corinthians (3:17) and inscribed on the Spirit of Detroit monument.

Diane Abbott: stupid, naïve, or a racist?

Diane Abbott has made remarks on twitter that have been deemed as racist by some, and not by others. She has form for making remarks that have racial undertones, but is she a racist, or just stupid?

I have briefly watched and read the media coverage of the debate around Diane Abbott’s comments on twitter. For those who did not see them, she said: