popular democracy

The explosion point of ideology in Kurdistan – VP & GEH

Refusing the police interpretation of history as well as a bartering style of geopolitics, this text proposes to study the reasons for the unanimous enthusiasm for “the Kurds” within the French left. It does not address as such the “Kurdish cause” or the Syrian insurgency precisely but how they have served to reveal the bankruptcy of the world of leftist militants, revolutionary and reformist as well. We discuss the ease of the left to be dragged by antiterrorism and State ideologies. Remaining aloof from the caricatured “anti-imperialist” postures or the neo-conservative ones, it is about restoring some painful truths.

Individuals and minorities in the framework of direct democracy

De Campo Vaccino

In the wake of Brexit and Trump's presidency many have rushed into questioning the decision-making abilities of society. Is direct democracy guilty for the current faults of the system or on the contrary, the absolute lack of it?

Towards a People's Democracy: The UDF View

United Democratic Front

This is the text of a speech given by UDF militant Murphy Morobe in 1987.