The IWW General Convention adapts to a new era In Portland

An article by Ryan G about the differences between the IWW's General Assembly and its General Convention, which replaced the GA in 2008.

The IWW General Convention is the annual opportunity for our members to propose amendments to the IWW Constitution, debate resolutions which signify union policy or general political sentiment, and to make nominations for the General Administration in the coming year.

For the works: report from the 2012 IWW General Convention

An account by Ryan G of the 2012 IWW General Convention in Portland, Oregon.

Over 75 fellow workers from around the world descended upon Portland, Ore., this past Labor Day weekend, Sept. 1-2, for the 2012 IWW General Convention. The Portland General Membership Branch hosted this annual gathering of IWW members, providing housing, food and social gatherings for all attendees.

Portland Solidarity Network: Things Are Heating Up at Fubonn

Here is a brief look at the Portland Solidarity Network and their Don't Shop Fubonn campaign.

Rush hour is being colored with the fury of workers scorned. The Portland Solidarity Network and the Portland IWW have now announced the Fridays of Fury at Fubonn, a weekly picket and rally to target the abuses and repressions taking place at the Fubonn Shopping Center.

Direct action against foreclosure

Sasha Lilley in discussion with union organiser Angela MacWhinnie about the community campaign against foreclosures in the North American city of Portland.

Listen here.

We Are Oregon

Economic Emergency Kit

KKK and IWW wage drawn battle in Greenville, 1924

A 1924 article from the Portland Press Herald about conflict between the Industrial Workers of the World and the the Ku Klux Klan.

From the Portland Press Herald – Tuesday, February 5, 1924

K.K.K. And I.W.W. Wage Drawn Battle in Greenville

175 Workers Patrol The Street After Clash Saturday Night


Woodsmen Ordered Out But Refuse to Leave – Reinforcements Pouring in By the Hundreds

Rally for marriage equality in Portland, Oregon

Though there have been many appropriate criticisms of the recent discussion of marriage equality and the focus on liberal organizations like the Human Rights Campaign, the challenge to Proposition 8 in front of the U.S. Supreme Court has mobilized a mass of people to speak out and get organized. Organized by Basic Human Rights Oregon, the rally in support of marriage equality drew hundreds in front of the federal court house. Marriage equality is not the endgame of fighting heterosexism, but it can stand as a marker for those who are organizing more largely to challenge homophobia on an institutional level.

Olivereau, Louise (1883- 1963)

Louise Olivereau

A short biography of anarchist and war resister Louise Olivereau

Will those in power never learn that ideas can never be imprisoned?” Olivereau at her trial.

She was one of those poetic souls to whom war never became a statistical movement of forces, but always vividly remained torn flesh, scattered brains and blood. She heard in her soul the shrieks of each murdered victim and hated war with emotion”, Anna Louise Strong.

NLRB is no friend in Portland

An article by Chris Agenda coming out against contractualism in the IWW, based on experience with a contract shop in Portland.

During a two-month period I met with representatives from the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) on three different issues. All of the issues were related to grievances of workers who were represented by the IWW and employed by Janus Youth Programs in Portland, Oregon. The NLRB was not helpful in any of the situations.

After the First of Many Last Resorts: on ports and activists

A brief piece critiquing activists' attempted management of the #Occupy "West Coast Port Shut Down" in Portland, Oregon.

We can only conclude that the shutdown of West Coast ports on the 12th of December was a success. Commerce was stopped in a massive way up and down the coast. The material effect of this action is enormous compared with any other action in Portland within recent memory and we greet this turn towards the large-scale blockade of the circulation of commodity capital with a smile and open arms.