Letter from imprisoned may day protesters in Iran's Gharchak prison

On May May first, there was a protest in front of the Iranian parliament. Police cracked down on protesters and arrested many individuals. After 126 days, three of them, all women, remain incarcerated. Two of these women are held in the Gharchak prison, infamous for it's harsh conditions and severe shortcomings. Recently, one of them wrote a letter regarding their situation.

A Visit to Louise Michel - Paul Lafargue

St Lazare prison

French Socialist Paul Lafargue recorded his visit to Louise Michel in St Lazare prison following her conviction for starting a riot in 1883.

Imprisoned for a day: a personal reflection

A jail cell

Your perspective on the world changes from inside a jail cell.

"going back to basics"

Interview with Will Anderson, an elder in the Federal system who runs a prison literacy program for and with other prisoners, about anti-police uprisings and the Black Lives Matter movement. Inclusion of this material is not intended as an endorsement of Anderson's views.

"we can all relate"

Interview with an anonymous inmate at Marion CI, Marion, NC about anti-police uprisings and the Black Lives Matter movement.

"a sense of everyone feeling like, 'about time'"

Interview with an anonymous inmate at Bertie CI, Windsor, NC about anti-police uprisings and the Black Lives Matter.

"there seems to be little we can do"

Interview with an anonymous inmate at Harnett CI, Lillington, NC

One Hood United: Ganging Up on Oppression

This piece was originally written [in 2015], but Saleem was enthusiastic about it being used for this project. One Hood United is a youth movement of imprisoned activists that was inspired by Hip Hop activist Jasiri X’s One Hood Movement in Pittsburgh. More information about One Hood United can be found at

“To Struggle Means We’re Alive”: Prisoners Speak Out on Ferguson, Baltimore, and the Ongoing Revolt Against the Police

Scenes from the Ferguson uprising

Presented here is a series of interviews with and articles by prisoners on the recent wave of Black-led riots, uprisings, direct action, and protest against the police across the US. From Prisoners on Ferguson.

The Fire Inside

A collection of reports and analysis from prisoners and outside supporters on the September 9th 2016 prison strike, the future, and prisoner resistance in general