Scotland anti-G8 protest report, 2005

Report from the G8-resistance in Edinburgh, July 2005, by Prol-Position.

London bombs and G8-politics - terrorist acts of a system in crisis

Spontaneous leaflet distributed on a spontaneous gathering during the anti-G8 protests in front of Edinburgh train station following the July 7, 2005 London bombings.

Interview with Beverly J. Silver

Text of an interview with Beverly Silver about her book, Forces of Labor.

Update on the car industry, 2005

Short update on strike of lorry drivers which stopped production at FIAT plant in Melfi/Italy, a strike note from VW in Navarra/Spain and news on ‘revolutionary’ production relations between assembly plant and suppliers at DC in Toledo/USA.

Anti-capitalism and mass redundancies in Germany, 2005

Prol-Position on a series of mass job cuts across different, mostly high-tech manufacturing corporations across Germany in 2005.

How and why should we fight against redundancies?

Text by Mouvement Communiste from 2005 summarising some general arguments concerning redundancies and some historical experiences of struggles against them in France.

Industrial relations reform in Australia and the campaign against it, 2005

Letter from Australia by their Treason group to Prol-Position about proposed new anti-worker legislation in 2005.

2005: Bank clerks and dockers on month-long strikes in Greece

A brief account of bank and dock workers strikes in Greece in 2005 by TPTG.

Capital moves: transport and logistics

An analysis of the global transport and distribution industry, particularly with respect to the advent of "just-in-time" delivery and the implications for the working class.

Bangalore calling - global re-location of call centre jobs

Prol-Position analyse trends in the movement of call centre jobs around the world as employers seek the lowest labour costs.