2004/5: Strikes at Ceritex call centres in France

A brief chronology of a large strike at call centre service company Ceritex B2S in France for a pay increase.

2004: National telemarketing strike in Spain

A brief account of a nationwide strike of telemarketing workers in Spain to establish a collective contract in the sector.

Rendezvous with call centre workers

A discussion with some call centre workers about aspects of working life in Germany in 2005.

About waves, strikes and recomposition - Wildcat

In 2006 there were more strikes in Germany than during the previous twelve years. In 2007 their number will be even higher. »Going on strike is becoming fashionable amongst the Germans«, announces a headline in the national daily newspaper Frankfurter Rundschau.

Interview with VW 'Auto 5000' worker - Wildcat

Wildcat interview with an auto-worker from the 5000x5000 VolksWagen project, a post-Fordist work restructuring experiment.

The end of the automobile

An analysis focusing on Germany of developments in the global car industry between its inception and the financial crisis of 2008-9.

Reactions of the American proletariat during the 1929 crisis

With many commentators stating that the 2008 recession is the world's worst since the great Depression, Prol-position analyses the 1929 recession, its effect on workers in the US and how they responded.

Interview with a German union organiser - Prol-position

A critical interview with a paid organiser of the German ver.di union about their organising work in the security industry.

China in crisis: reason to panic?

Police right a taxi flipped by striking teachers who attacked colleagues crossing picket lines in Chongqing, 2008

Prol-Position's outline and analysis of the development and extent of the 2008-9 financial crisis's impact on China, and its implications for working people in the region and across the world.

Strike at the Dacia-Renault plant in Romania, 2008

Dacia-Renault plant, Romania

Account and analysis of a significant strike of auto workers in Romania early 2008