Good For Nothing - Mark Fisher

Article by Mark Fisher on the relationship between depression and class.

The Cultural Hegemony of “Mental Health”

In this guest article Dr Bruce Scott challenges the way the “mental health” system and its institutions have been co-opted and actively promote capitalism. This system, driven by a profit motive, rather than a desire to benefit patients, has produced “fear and submission to an ideology which controls and mystifies the masses”.

Resisting DWP Pyschocoercion 15TH JULY 2016

Benefit sanctions, workfare, cuts to disability benefits, cuts to benefits for migrants, cuts to benefits for young people…… To the long list of vicious government attacks on benefits claimants, we must now add ….pyschocoercion. The Tribe of Moles thanks Dr Bruce Scott for his illuminating article on this sinister DWP strategy. Encouragingly he concludes by highlighting the resistance which is underway.

Psychoanalyse und Marxismus - Vladimir Jurinetz

Marxist critique of psychoanalysis. Unter dem Banner des Marxismus, 1 (1925): 90-133. First published in Pod znamenem marksizma, 1924, 8-9: 51–92. Freudism and Marxism.

Review: Can neuroscience change our minds? - Hilary and Steven Rose


A review of the new book by Hilary and Steven Rose which presents both a scientific and political critique of the growth of 'neuro' disciplines.

Psychology of the private individual - MG

Psychology of the Private Individual Critique of Bourgeois Consciousness

The Marxist Group's best work: stinging critique of bourgeois consciousness.

Clinical Aspects of the Work of David Wills


The writer is a consultant psychiatrist who has for many years been interested in pioneering ventures with maladjusted youth and in delinquency.

Removal of guilt - Anthony Weaver

Anthony Weaver on progressive methods of working with troubled children and young people.