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Ruling class could do with maths lessons

The ConDem court jester and all round buffoon Danny Alexander, and tax thief Philip Green, have today made glaring errors in their multi-million pound calculations. They are not particularly related other than their shared contempt for working people.

A radical social worker's appeal to colleagues ahead of #N30

This was written by a radical social work student for her fellow students, to make the case for striking on N30. Workers with vulnerable client groups need to strike now more than ever, not only for their own jobs but for their clients' rights and care in years to come.

I'm striking on N30 because...

...the ruling class is attacking all of us, not just our pensions but our jobs, benefits, public services and communities. It's about time we fought back.

Where has all my money gone you vile insidious woman?

The great privatisation swindle has meant that we are indirectly paying twice for some services. Successive governments has trousered trillions from the legalised thievery that was made popular by 'that woman'. Where has my money gone, and can I have it back please?

The general strike that didn't happen: a report on the activity of the IWW in Wisconsin

This is a report written by two IWW organizers from out of state on the activities of the union during the height of the protests in Madison and Wisconsin. The version is slightly modified from a text sent to the 2011 Delegate Convention and reflects the opinion of the authors.

Edinburgh Muckraker 5

Muckraker 5

This issue of Edinburgh Muckraker was produced in response to the upcoming vote by Edinburgh Council on Oct 27th on the privatisation of council services, and to support the refuse collection workers and street cleaners in their ongoing dispute - so far hundreds of copies have been distributed at waste depots and council offices around the city.

Workers on the government and union slide: from one defeat to another so far - Kolektivně proti kapitálu & Mouvement Communiste

An analysis of the union protests against cuts in public spending in Czech in Autumn/Winter 2010.

More on Madison - Insurgent Notes

The following letter synthesizes two e-mails from a comrade, AS, about some disagreements with Loren Goldner’s article on Madison in IN No. 3

Southampton: Britain's Wisconsin?

Public sector workers in Southampton are reaching the end of a week of strike action, organised in response to swingeing cuts and job losses being implemented by the Conservative-led local council.

The demolition of social housing? The state attack on tenants & tenancies

Demolition of Pruitt-Igoe social housing project - St Louis, USA 1972

A critical look at some of the major changes happening to social housing in the UK—and its likely effects on tenants and those in housing need.