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Wisconsin – Next Stop, the General Strike!

John E Jacobson gives a summary of the movement against Gov Walker's attack on pay, conditions and collective bargaining for state workers in Wisconsin and argues support for a general strike.

“This has been a life experience we will never forget. I feel like all of these people are family.”

Union Supporter and protester, Neporsha Hamlin, of Madison, WI.

Impressions of Madison

An account of a recent trip to the protests in Madison, Wisconsin, which have erupted over the Governors plan to revoke collective bargaining rights to state employees.

On Monday, February 21st, me and a Wild Rose Collective comrade traveled to Madison to take part in the protests against Governor Scott Walker's plan to basically revoke collective bargaining rights from public workers.

Report from Madison: Fascists and Unions in the U.S. North

High schoolers walk out & join Madison protest

A detailed report and analysis of the attack on public sector workers in Wisconsin and the response of workers and the unions.

The whole situation centered in Madison, Wisconsin has become a major class confrontation.

On Wisconsin! First of May Anarchist Alliance statement

For over a week now, in response to the draconian anti-labor proposals of the Republican Governor, the people of Wisconsin have rose up in the hundreds of thousands in militant and creative fashion in defense of public workers and the unions.

The Capitol in Madison has been occupied. The surrounding area has seen a sea of demonstrators. Teachers across the state have gone on unofficial strike and high school students have walked-out in support. Rallies of hundreds and thousands have occurred all over the state. This week support rallies will happen all over the country.

[b]On Wisconsin!

Demonstrations continue against attack on Wisconsin public workers

Workers occupy the Capitol

Update on the protests against wage cuts and the removal of collective bargaining for state workers in Wisconsin, with words of warning about the Democrats and unions from a local worker.

So far, thousands of schoolkids walked out of class in solidarity with the teachers, and school districts have warned parents of possible sick out by educators.

Meanwhile, thousands of workers and supporters have blockaded the Capitol building in a "people's filibuster" to prevent the bill from passing.

The following comment was posted to by a local resident:

Miliband vs Cameron on the Big Society

How the Big Society really looks

Today we have not one but two theses on the Tory "Big Society" concept. In the Guardian, David Cameron defends it while in The Independent, Ed Miliband gets his critique on. So I thought today, humbly, I'd take both of their articles on from a libertarian communist perspective.

On the face of it, the Prime Minister and his pals head in the right direction as far as anarchist theory is concerned. The Big Society focuses heavily on "empowering communities" by removing state interference, on encouraging stronger community links and communal responsibility - all of which have historically been part of libertarian organising.

A Tale of Two Offices

An account of daily life and office politics viewed through the experience of working in two libraries with very different management styles. From the libertarian socialist newsletter, The Red Menace.

By Elaine Farragher

I have been an office worker for all of my working life; specifically, a library worker. I've worked in five libraries, in one as a part-time worker and in the rest as a full-time employee. All of these libraries have had their unique intrigues and goings-on, their own particular relationships and power struggles.

The Swineherd

A tale of toil from a weary legislator's letter writer, by Mark Henkes.

Pigs grunt when they get excited, plunge their curious snouts into mounds of muddy slop, and run with the grace of an obese ex-athlete. I am not a pig. I wish I had the power to appear before a nationwide television audience and tell the nation, the world: I am not a pig. It is true that some of my co-workers whisper that I am a pig, yet I do not grunt.

Student protests - what next?

After another successful day of action yesterday, we look at what lies next for the growing movement against the UK government's austerity measures of cuts to services and rising fees.

Yesterday showed continued energy for the fight against austerity as protesters successfully evaded deployments of riot police and horses in towns and cities across the UK, and were joined by similar protests on a large scale in Italy.

UK Workplace News Roundup - October 2010

Recent industrial news from the UK, including the Firefighters Strike, The ongoing Astrazeneca dispute in Macclesfield, and more.

London firefighter strikes are on

Firefighters in London have overwhelmingly voted to take strike action in a dispute over new contracts.