Solidarity motor bulletins

A series of bulletins from UK libertarian socialist group, Solidarity, from the 1970s about the global car manufacturing industry, produced largely by and for car workers themselves.

Solidarité: Journal of the Radical Left

Online archive of Solidarité, a non-tendency anti-capitalist journal, self-published by workers and students, which focuses on leftist theory, politics, and philosophy. Solidarité accepts submissions from the general public, no previous academic publications required. Authors range from anarchists to Marxist-Leninists.

Solidarity pamphlets

List of pamphlets published by UK libertarian socialist group Solidarity and its local groups available on

Radical journal

Cover of an issue of Radical

Partial archive of Radical, an irregular Japanese anarchist journal published in English in the 1970s.

Solidarity: a journal of libertarian socialism

Partial online archive of the Solidarity journal published by the London group of libertarian socialist organisation, Solidarity.

The newspapers of the Young Lords Organization

Y.L.O. Number 2, May 1969, cover

Attached are digital copies of nearly all the newspapers published by the Young Lords Organization in Chicago and Milwaukee between 1969-71. While we would have political disagreements with some of the articles contained here, they represent a very important historical resource from a critical juncture US radical politics.

Solidarity for social revolution journal

Complete archive of Solidarity for social revolution, the national journal of UK libertarian socialist group Solidarity published 1978-1981. It was formed from the merger of the two papers Solidarity for self-management and Social revolution.

Zerowork journal

Comprehensive online archive of the Zerowork journal, an autonomist Marxist-influenced magazine based in the US which published two issues between 1975 and 1977.

The Raven: anarchist quarterly

Partial online archive of The Raven, a quarterly anarchist review published by Freedom Press for 43 issues from 1987-2003. In general the journal was very poor, so we reproduce it for reference only.

Khamsin: Journal of revolutionary socialists of the Middle-East

Some of our collection of Khamsin journals

Archive of revolutionary socialist journal, Khamsin, which was published from 1978 to 1987. While we might disagree with some of the positions taken, particularly those to do with national liberation, many articles contain interesting information about working class struggle, which we reproduce for reference.