Quebec student strike 2012

Social goodness and abundance, Montreal, night 108

Cindy Milstein reports on the 108th day of the Québec students strike.

A sticky "maple spring," Montreal, night 103

An account of night 103 of the student strike.

Popular power: "Fuck the elections," Montreal, night 101 (re: night 100)

Everything about night demo 100 in Montreal felt enormous.

Dear comrades: a call for solidarity with the student struggles in Quebec

Several of us in the Recomposition editorial group have been very interested in recent events in Quebec, and found the students’ struggles inspirational. We now share a letter from a comrade calling for support and mobilisation to further support and spread these struggles.

Convergence to block the return to class in Quebec!

Police officers facing piquet lines in Quebec

Since February, students across Quebec have been on strike against a 75% tuition hikes. These students have maintained picket lines, disrupted classes, blocked bridges, and continually taken the streets in fierce resistance to the neoliberal agenda of the Charest Liberal government.

Share Our Future – The CLASSE Manifesto

Streets are filled by 200 000 protesters during a student manifestation

The Coalition Large de l'Association pour une Solidarité Syndicale Étudiante (CLASSE) is a temporary national student organisation that inclues, across Quebec, more than 100 000 members in many student unions from both colleges and universities. It embodies, today, the continuation of the student movement that has been a key player in Quebec society and an important agent of social progress in education for forty years. They have been striking for more than five months now, fighting against tuition hikes and austerity measures in Quebec. This is its manifesto.

Teaching and organizing in the ruins of universities: an interview with Alison Hearn

Interview with Alison Hearn with the background of the Québec student protests.

"Open Letter to the CFS": Response from Activists in Quebec

A response by Quebec activists to Ontorio students who called upon their representatives at the Canadian Federation of Students (CFS) to mobilise a similar strike.

AnarchoPanda: Philosophy on the sidewalk

For several weeks a panda mascot has been at the front lines of the student protests. This anachronistic two-toned teddy arouses and improbable wave of sympathy. At Tuesday’s big protest, the panda was no longer threatened with extinction: stuffed animals and drawings were shown by protesters, some even saying “Panda for president”. Thursday, he was welcomed as a star in Québec. Tonight he hopes to get itself arrested. An interview with a prof who, beneath his fur, makes philosophy on the sidewalk.

Canadian Labour Congress sells out students!

Attached documents from the Provincial Labour Central of Quebec and the Canadian Labour Congress designed to wipe out any Canadian union assistance to the radicals in the Quebec student movement.