Manx Justice

One of the most blatant cases of double standards regarding rich and poor the Isle of Man has seen in recent years, a South African millionaire has been given a slap on the wrist while the men he enslaved are exiled from the island.

A proletarian critique of the Nation of Islam - Melancholic Troglodytes

This is a proletarian critique of the U.S. based Nation of Islam (NOI). With anything between 20,000 and 100,000 members and capable of engineering massive reactionary mobilizations, the Nation represents a significant counter-revolutionary force. The pamphlet looks at NOI's history and evolution, the way it exploits its membership and its promotion of anti-working class, sexist, homophobic and racist ideology. Melancholic Troglodytes hope this text will encourage further analysis of NOI, religion and race from a class perspective.

Posties pique - Royal Mail workers out on wildcats

With postal workers already angry at the Royal Mail's decision to impose a 2.9% pay offer, two small wildcat strikes have broken out in Oxford and Wolverhampton

James Carr, the Black Panthers and all that

James Carr

A look at the life and times of James Carr and the Black Panthers and their relationship to the prison struggles and wider social movements of the 1960s.

Free For All: The nine year old leader - C.L.R. James

James discusses a 1981 riot in Manchester, northern England.

’Ethnic cleansing’ in Essex

Travellers in Essex, who claim they are living in fear of an apartheid-style dawn eviction, say they will defend their homes using non-violent resistance and human shields.

Sarkozy blames riots on suburban "delinquents"

Sarkozy has spoken, and again he's living up to his reputation.

Interview with Lorenzo Kom'boa Ervin from 1995