Negroes and Bolshevism - CLR James

From 7 April 1947 issue of Labor Action, newspaper of the Workers Party of the United States

Anti-Semitism and the Beirut Pogrom - Fredy Perlman

Drawing on his personal experiences and family history, Perlman dissects the disturbing irony in the use of the Holocaust as justification for Zionist state brutality.

Sex, race and class - Selma James

How capitalism and the Left have mystified the real relationships between these categories.

Anarchism and the Black Revolution - Lorenzo Komboa Ervin

Written by ex-Black Panther turned anarchist Lorenzo Komboa Ervin, Anarchism and the Black Revolution is both an easy-to-read introduction to the fundamental principles of class struggle anarchism and an analysis of their relevance to the black liberation movement. Also contains a good section on why the author is an anarchist and why non-class struggle anarchists are useless.

Fletcher, Ben, 1890-1949

A short sketch of life on the Philadelphia ports of black IWW member and dock worker, Ben Fletcher.

Khanifar, Gerard Ali, 1950-1997

A short biography of French anarchist and Michelin worker Gerard Ali Khanifar.